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Special Interest Videos…What Is That?

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Special Interest Videos… what is that?

There’s a reward in it for you if you can help me define them.

It’s funny, I’ve been in the business of producing and marketing what I call “special interest videos” for 30 years. I know what I mean by that, but I’ve noticed that when I use that phrase with others, particularly people not in the video business, they don’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

This has been bugging me for years, and I’m still searching for a way to describe the type of videos we’re telling you how to produce, market, distribute and sell. I welcome your input on a better way to describe it.

I sometime say “how-to” videos, but not everything we produce shows how to do something. At other times I’ll say educational videos and there is generally a nod of recognition, but that doesn’t always accurately describe it either. For two decades that was an accurate description when I was producing for the school market, but today my efforts and yours are much broader than that. I suppose they are all educational in some sense, but people will generally assume that educational videos are produced for schools. “Training videos” is accurate sometimes, but not always.

I’ll also say “non-fiction videos,” “expert videos,” or I’ll say I’m in the business of video publishing. I like video publishing, but that confuses people, too.

Niche videos” may be the most accurate way of describing it, but do you think the average person would know what that means?

(Interesting aside – I’ve been doing a lot of keyword research around the words “niche videos” and I’ve discovered that Grupo Niche is a popular band in Mexico so there’s a lot of searches on their music videos – not exactly the market I’m hoping to target. Hint: when you use Google Keyword Tool External, don’t overlook clicking through to the insight. You’ll see a small magnifying glass next to your keyword. That’s how I discovered the band.)

I would seriously like your input on this. I think it is an important issue and if you come up with the perfect way to describe it, I’ll reward you with a set of our DVDs on how to produce and market Special Interest Videos (that’s what they are called now) and a free membership in our upcoming online training program.

Please tell us your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.


12 Responses to “Special Interest Videos…What Is That?”
  1. joe large says:

    How about—-Product or service informational videos.

    Now let’s see how it sounds…(What do you do Rick.?) Why thanks for asking…

    I produce product or service informational videos..(What’s that, they ask?)

    I make movies that describe a product, like I did a video on garden tractors, or a service…. We made a movie on a financial services firm.

    Instead of telling you about a product or service, I try to have you experience it by riding the tractor or learn about mutual funds through video.

    Sounds OK to me..

  2. Joseph says:

    How about, “Specialty Videos”? (Has the same meaning as “Niche Videos” but might be more self-explanatory.)


  3. GVAMarketing says:

    Maybe the focus should be shifted away from the video content altogether in deciding upon a suitable “title” ?

    Why not take the description of what it is you actually do to the highest level overall regardless of the content (and its intended use) and just state that you are a “Video Producer” or that you “Produce Videos” or even add the word “online” into it if that’s mainly what you focus on?

    Video Producer
    Online Video Producer
    Online Video Production Company

    etc etc

    • Kim R Miller says:

      Thanks for the comment, GVA. We normally say we’re producers first but then follow it with saying what we produce is our own titles…among other things. I’m also thinking filmmaker might not be a bad way to go as well especially after being at NAB since many filmmakers don’t technically use film any longer.

      I’m loving all this great information on this post.

  4. Frank Collins says:


    “Hobby” videos – “Advocation” videos . The “Informational Videos” also seems like good suggestion.

    Brain storming will help.

  5. Barb Besteni says:


    After having spent years in the “special interest video” field, seeing the blank looks on people’s faces when I tried to explain to them what I did, I understand your frustration.

    Perhaps the answer of what you do and sell cannot be summed up in one or two words. Perhaps the answer you give depends on the person who is asking the question.

    Throughout the years, I found what works best is defining what I am, rather than what I do.

    “I am a video publisher who produces … Documentary, Educational, Instructional, How-To, or whatever else you think the person asking will understand … videos.”

    At the end of the day, that’s what draws us to the special interest video industry … the fact that it can’t be summed up in one little package. That’s because it’s an ever-changing industry that offers so much opportunity, it refuses to be defined!

    • Rick Smith says:

      Thanks for commenting, Barb. You are THE person who planted that phrase in my mind, back about 14 years ago when I attended a workshop you were giving on the subject.

      You got a couple of excellent points in there. I appreciate your insight.

      I just returned from NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show in Las Vegas where I met and networked with many people at all levels of the video industry. You know what? It still takes a while for the light bulb to go on for some people.

      Rick Smith

  6. Pesha says:

    Rick what about
    advice videos. This has the advantage of beginning with “a”
    tips videos
    instruct videos
    help videos
    insider videos
    instead of using videos use dvds
    advice dvds
    tips dvds
    instruct dvds
    help dvds
    insider dvds
    Best wishes

  7. Gary says:


    What about “I create and produce informative, entertaining and educational videos about a variety of interesting topics.”

    By the way, I really enjoy your updates!


    • Rick Smith says:

      That is a very succinct, accurate description. Great elevator speech. After doing a lot of research, I still keep coming back to something like Special Interest Videos as the name of this category of videos. Kim discovered that Netflix and Amazon both categorize our type of videos as “Special Interest.”

      Thanks for commenting. Glad that you enjoy our updates!



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