Thursday, January 18, 2018

NAB Show 2011: A Brief Overview


NAB Show 2011 in Las Vegas – Day 1

NAB Show 2011 (National Association of Broadcasters) is behind us and we’ve been back for a week now. I’m catching up on things in the business while going over my notes about the cool stuff I saw and learned at NAB, including:

  • Video Lights  – I never knew there were that many lighting companies in the world and, frankly there were a lot of similar products and a wide range of price.
  • GoPro – The tiny camera that goes literally anywhere. Even in 3D now. I saw footage you simply could not get any other way.
  • Presto – This software is a superior way to record PowerPoint presentations. I know a lot of people who need this! It’s not been released yet so stay tuned. 
  • PluralEyes – I finally got to see a demo and now I get what all the buzz in about.
  • Get Phonetic – Conducts dialog searches through your Final Cut Pro clips for spoken words and phrases! Unbelievable.
  • Audio Technica – Always a standard. I’ve been looking for short shotgun mics for DSLR and smaller camcorders and they have ’em. One of their reps gave me a great overview on-camera.
  • Stabilizers – So many people are shooting videos with iPhones, Kodak Zi8s, Flip cameras… here’s how you get smooth moving camera shots.


NAB Show floor action


  • Sony NEX FS 100 – If you like the shallow depth of field you can achieve with a DSLR but prefer the form factor (the shape and way you handle it) of a video camera, Sony has your camera in the new NEX FS 100.
  • Zacuto, Jag 35 have the coolest things for the DSLR shooter. Got some of that on video as well.
Plus we met some cool movers and shakers in the video and independent film business. More to come on that too.

Don’t worry, in my next few posts I’ll be covering these NAB Show 2011 topics in greater detail. Right now, I have to finish up some videos for a client.


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