Thursday, January 18, 2018

Camera Extender: Get In The Picture With The XShot

XShot camera extender solves my lifelong problem.

XShot Media Extender

So tiny yet so practical!

Does this sound familiar to you? All my adult life I’ve been the one behind the camera, so in many of our family photos my face is missing from the picture. Unless you always set up a tripod or have 6-foot long arms, you probably have the same problem; it is very difficult to photograph yourself.

I just discovered a clever little tool that will take care of this problem. It’s called the “XShot Camera Extender” and it is the coolest, most practical device to come to photographers in a long time.

With the camera extender, you can now get in the pictures that you take without looking like you’re in jail! No more awkward photos from stretchingXShot Camera Extender your arm out and trying to aim the camera at yourself. Now you can capture a full background instead of just faces because the XShot extends over 3 feet. You can have up to 10 people in the picture! The XShot closes to a remarkable 9 inches for easy transport and only weighs 5 ounces!

XShot Camera Extender

Get in the picture!

The XShot Camera Extender can hold many of today’s lightweight video cameras, as well as iPhones and other smart phones, so you can get video as well as still photos. Since the camera is pointing at you, you are always in the frame. Smile!

Such a simple and brilliant idea because…

  • You may not always want to trust a stranger with your brand new camera.
  • There isn’t anyone around to take a picture of you on top of the mountain.
  • There is no time or space to set up a tripod.
  • You want to take easy pictures and videos on the go, to post on your blog or social network.Get in the picture with the XShot Camera Extender

Why choose the XShot?

  • XShot Camera Extender is a high quality product with a unique durable metal shaft and high quality components including an easy to use camera adapter.
  • You can get the Pocket XShot for under $25! XShot 2.0 is $29.95.
  • This camera extender is solid, extremely light, very compact when closed and telescopic up to 3 feet (you can get the background and a group of people in your shot!). It not only has a universal camera attachment, it now comes with a new support for heavier cameras and camcorders (maximum 570g).
  • XShot allows you to get those fun angles, to reach high spots in crowds and concerts, take photos in places difficult to reach, and even make 3D videos.
  • Makes it easy and fun to take pictures and videos for blogging and sharing on social networks.
  • So small it fits in any purse, bag, or back pocket.
  • Lots of fun, very easy to use, no more close-up mug shots!

Because it’s very affordable, light enough to carry with you, super fast and easy to use… there’s just no getting around it – you need to get the XShot. I’m getting a couple of them so I can keep one in my car and one in my camera bag.(I’ll probably still lose track of it – maybe I should get three!)

I encourage you to check out the XShot Camera Extender* right now.XShot Camera Extender I’ll be posting on my Facebook page some of my photos I take with it so watch for those.


* I have given you my affiliate link and will earn a small commission if you purchase through it but that’s not the entire reason I recommend it. I’m so impressed with this little gizmo and see it’s value for your shooting that I decided to introduce you to it in this blog article.


4 Responses to “Camera Extender: Get In The Picture With The XShot”
  1. Bert says:

    I have one of these and can attest to its “cool factor”. Well built and functional, I even used it with my Kodak Playsport on a rainy morning walk through Venice. It looked very bizarre walking with it in front of us but what a great video result occurred!!


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