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YouTube Videos – Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Them Going Viral

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YouTube Videos – Going Viral May Hurt

Do you believe that the way to riches is by having your marketing video go viral? Tell that to Dominos in 2009. They learned the hard way that having a viral video isn’t always a good thing, especially if it shows their business in a negative light.

Like every marketer, I’d like my videos to go viral and get millions of views, but that isn’t my main focus when I create them, and nor should it be yours. Why?

The odds are against your YouTube video going viral

You may be setting yourself up with an unrealistic goal that will hurt your video marketing efforts.

If you focus on having every video you produce hit it out of the ball park in terms of popularity, you may be stopping yourself from the one thing that will get you a better video web presence – shooting a LOT of videos.

You see, the secret sauce is volume. You’ll have a better chance of getting a lot of traffic – and business – by consistently posting videos as one of our business associates, Gail Bottomley, has done with her YouTube channel. Gail has learned that a large body of videos each drawing a healthy number of views adds up to a LOT of views. Little streams flow together to make a river. That way you aren’t reliant on any one video to do it for you. Just keep pumping them out and watch what happens.

Viral videos don’t necessarily bring in more money!

We have a video that has received close to 35,000 views at one of our channels, 10MinutesToPainFree.  However, the traffic to the site we reference through that video is only mediocre and we haven’t seen a sales bump since we posted it. At least in our experience, YouTube views do not translate directly to sales, or even website visits.

If your focus is strictly on what videos are popular and copying that, the truth is you still may not see a profit from that effort. Even high-budget viral commercials like those by Old Spice don’t bring in appreciably more money to the company’s pocket.

Who knows what will make a video go viral

On our 10MinutesToPainFree YouTube channel, you’ll see additional videos we did on pain relief, but none of them has seen the viewership of the one on stiff necks. Are there other videos on YouTube on stiff necks? Yes, lots of them! Why ours took off, who knows. (Well, maybe Google had something to do with it 😉

Besides music videos, many times it’s the silly, gross, stupid or downright repugnant videos that go viral. Do you really want to be in Alexandra Wallace’s shoes today? She’s the UCLA student who is facing death threats for her lapse in good judgment in posting a video ranting about Asian students.

This year, we are making a concerted effort to post more videos on a consistent basis on our HowToSellYourVideos YouTube channel. Since we have started this, we definitely have seen an increase in traffic to our sites and more exposure to our products. It feels good to read on the order form that the customer found you through YouTube. We invite you to subscribe to our channel and watch what we do as we build our reputation online. You’ll also get a lot of tips besides.


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