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Video Gear: One Cool Little Tripod You Gotta Get

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What video gear do you like to take with you on vacation? In my short video, I show you the cool little tripod that we always toss in our travel bags – and how to use it.

We got our GorillaPods a few years ago before they came out with a ball head style with a built-in level. For only a few dollars more, I highly recommend those because due to the articulated legs on the GorillaPod, it’s difficult to get the camera angle level with the surface. Sometimes it’s fun to take videos with unique angles but you don’t want to do that all the time. With a ball head, you can be more flexible in your shooting.

Also if you want to pan with your camera, they offer a fluid head GorillaPod as well. They are available for cameras that weigh 11 ounces or less so would work really well with cameras such as the Flip or Kodak Zi8.

Gorillapod Ballhead
So back to my initial question…what video gear do you recommend when you’re traveling? Please share in the comment field below.

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GorillaPods are now available for the iPhone.

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3 Responses to “Video Gear: One Cool Little Tripod You Gotta Get”
  1. Bert Grimm says:

    I like the pan head, definitely an improvement. My favorite travel gear is 2 Playsports for 2 camera shoots, one in each hand. No need to worry about the weather or sand or dust either.



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  1. […] this isn’t a standard tripod that you can extend several feet tall, what is cool about this little piece of gear is that you can move the legs into almost any type of position. You could turn a staircase, fence […]


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