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Public Speaking: How To Market Your Videos At Events

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Are you a public speaker? If not, you should consider how it can help your bottom line. I’ll explain…

If you have information products such as videos to sell, doing a presentation in front of a room full of potential customers is a fantastic way to show off your wares and turn prospects into customers before they leave the room.

Here are five ways you can use your time on the stage to build your business:

1) Give people in your audience a chance to get to know you.

Networking is a great marketing tool but it has certain limits and purposes. When you network, you only can speak one-on-one. When you speak in front of a larger audience, you can speak one-to-many.

If your audience is filled with potential clients or customers, you have a wonderful opportunity to let them get to know you as a person. Be yourself, share something personal and the audience will feel close to you. People buy from people they trust, so use this time to build a bond with your audience.

Just the simple fact that you are on the stage gives you instant credibility.

Pre-event publicity can help build awareness of your brand and by the time people are in your audience you are already an authority in their eyes.

2) Back-of-the-room sales can be highly profitable.

You’re seldom on the stage for more than an hour, so just give your audience a taste of your expertise and leave them wanting more. In other words, create irresistible desire for your products.

Many venues expect you to offer something for sale at “the back of the room” because they want a percentage of your sales. Even though you are taking a cut, it is a win-win because you get incredible exposure and they get money for helping put on the event.

If you’re putting on the event, then it’s a no-brainer to offer more products for sale.

When I’ve done public presentations at video conferences I’ve had the experience of being so mobbed at the back of the room after my talk that people were practically throwing their money at me. That is a wonderful feeling.

3) Use this opportunity to build your list.

One way we’ve found that we can build our list is to offer a give away. Have your audience enter by giving you their business cards. You should be up front and tell them that they will also be put on your mailing list and if they don’t wish to be, they can write that on their card. Then of course, you need to honor that.

If they don’t end up buying your products right there, you’ll still be able to put them in your marketing funnel. They’ve already met you and given you their contact information, so these are really good leads.

4) You meet people who may wish to partner with you.

If you are one of several speakers, you most likely will be able to meet the other presenters. In the course of talking to them, you may find yourself collaborating on mutually beneficial joint ventures. Also members of your audience may be interested in what you do and approach you afterward to discuss possible projects you could both do together.

5) You can make the presentation into a sellable product

If you are putting on the event, make sure you videotape it. You can turn that into a multi-media product to sell, maybe as both DVDs and MP3s or CDs.  Additionally, nowadays you can offer live streaming so that people who couldn’t make it in person, can tune in over their networks for a fee.

If you haven’t done public speaking before, you may be reluctant to do so. Get over it! From Toastmasters to speaker coaches, there are several programs that will help you. This is one of the most powerful ways to reach your market, build a following, and make a lot of sales in a short period of time. It’s a very effective way to quickly establish yourself as an expert and I’ll bet you’ll learn to love the adoration of your attentive audience.


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