Sunday, January 21, 2018

Going On Camera? How To Do Your Best

Are you going to be on camera?

Feeling a little stressed by that?

That’s a very natural reaction. Even though I’ve been on camera a lot lately and I have what I’m going to say all lined up in my head before hand, and even practiced it a few times, when that camera light goes on and I know it’s recording, I freeze. (You can imagine how bad it was when I was being filmed for a segment on CNBC! Poor cinematographer had his job cut out for him that morning.)

What has been helping me is to take a nice breath and pause a moment or two before I begin speaking, right after the camera begins rolling. You don’t have to launch right in. In fact, it is easier to edit if you don’t (give the editor a handle). That way you can calm your nerves and ensure you’ll have enough breath to finish your first sentence. It’s like a micro moment of meditation. In fact, your delivery will likely be better since you’re starting off on a better foot.

During the Internet Marketing Cruise we went on this past January, one of my fellow internet marketers and cruisers, Dr. Wendy Guess of, wanted to share with you how you can do your best on camera. Here is the short video we recorded on the Lido deck one early (and windy) evening.

Don’t you agree that even though she was dealing with the wind, her delivery was strong and confident? You can do the same!

On a side note: We shot this with our external Sennheiser shotgun mic with a foam wind protector attached. Hear how good the audio was even in a really windy situation? If we had our big wooly wind protector on you would not even have a hint of wind noise (we didn’t bring it on the cruise). For a more in depth overview of that mic, be sure to read my post on external microphones.


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