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Business Success: How Investing In Yourself Pays Off

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Larry Loik presenting at the VIP Promoters Bootcamp in March, 2011

Business success – who doesn’t want that?

Last week, after coming home filled with an exhilarating sense of boundless opportunity after attending Larry Loik’s Promoters Bootcamp, I shared some takeaways with my newsletter subscribers about practices and mindsets that may be holding you back in achieving business success. I thought they were so inspirational, I am going to share them with you too, over the next few blog posts. Let’s start with …

Get off the nail

This story is from our New Zealand friend and internet marketing master, Gail Bottomley, who inspires us to reach higher. I’m going to tell you more about Gail later in this post. She told this story better than I can, but here’s the synopsis:

Every day a passerby walked by a house where a small dog sat on the front porch. Every time he walked by he noticed the dog whimpering. Out of concern one day, he stopped and asked the owner if anything was wrong with his dog, to which the owner replied, “He’s fine, he’s just sitting on a nail.” To which the passerby asked, “Why doesn’t he get off the nail?” The dog’s owner responded, “Because it’s not hurting him enough. He’d rather sit there and be miserable than move.”

Moral of the story? Don’t just sit there and complain and whimper if you’re uncomfortable with where you are in life and your business. Don’t just blame the economy, governmental regulations, the weather or whatever. Get off your “nail” and take action to make your life – and business – better.

Gail is one of the fabulous people we met on the Internet Marketer’s Cruise this past January. She is also in the VIP Mastermind Group (Larry’s mastermind program) we just joined and is a real dynamo. She has only been in internet marketing for three years yet is one of New Zealand’s top internet marketers and is undoubtedly destined to be one of the top internet marketer anywhere. That’s why we are going to study with her and Larry, who between them earn over $1,000,000 per year in internet sales, on April 1-3, at the A-Z Internet Marketer’s Bootcamp.

Invest in yourself

Be it in equipment, training or coaching, when you pay to upgrade or get help in an area where you’re stuck, you are actually investing in yourself.

I just completed my second “bootcamp” in a month and I have another one in a few weeks and a mastermind meeting the weekend before that. I’m investing a lot of time and money to attend, stay in hotels, eat at restaurants, spend 8 hours a day taking notes, put my ego on the line in hotseats and group activities, and network with fellow attendees. In fact, besides all of the valuable information I received, I’ve already connected with two incredible entrepreneurs I met there who are very good prospects for potential joint partnerships. One is  grammy award winner and recording/mixing engineer, Khaliq Glover and the other the well respected and successful speaking coach, Eiji Morishita of Genius Squared. I know that my investment will pay off in spades.

Whether you want to market your special interest videos or even if you don’t have a product yet, I highly and I mean HIGHLY recommend that you attend the upcoming A-Z Internet Marketer’s Bootcamp on April 1-3 in Calabassas, California. You’ll get to meet our personal coach and mentor, Larry Loik, as well as our kiwi friend and instructor Gail Bottomley. This will definitely set you on the path to a profitable internet business and the cost is incredibly low for what you’ll come away with! Bring your laptop because this is hands-on, (Gail calls it a “lap shop”) and by the end of the weekend you WILL have an internet business.

Here are just some of the topics you’ll explore:

  • Finding Your Product – this is one of the areas most people starting in internet marketing struggle with
  • Keyword Research – finding the best keywords to get vital traffic to your site
  • Choosing the best domain names so people will find you
  • On Page search engine optimization (SEO) – vital to getting your site ranked high in the search engines
  • Creating Your Own Websites – Gail can set these up and get traffic to her site in about 20 minutes – learning how to do this is worth the price alone. I’ve charged upwards of $2000 to do this for clients so this is a phenomenal value. Just think of the potential!
  • Creating Blogs
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Make Headers
  • How to add content to your site on Auto Pilot – I’m really looking forward to this time saving tool!
  • How to add videos to your site on Autopilot – since videos are so important these days, all this video training will be essential to your success
  • How to make a sales video
  • Video Creation and Submissions
  • Creating promotional videos & optimizing your videos
  • Using articles and press releases to drive traffic
  • Social media marketing ( including Facebook, Twitter)
  • Submitting your sites to search engines
  • List building strategies so that you can build a powerful, profitable mailing list quickly
  • Traffic generation – how to get paying customers to your website
  • Automate to save time and make more profit
  • Local business marketing – finding opportunities in your own neighborhood
  • The power of Facebook pages
  • Getting Joint Venture Partners – finding a win/win relationship
  • Presenting your business to potential Joint Venture partners – this is very important if you don’t want to just rely on your own resources for marketing (many of you tell us that you’re looking for partners, you’ll learn how to do that in this bootcamp)

Let’s be clear what this is not. It isn’t that tired old “buy our software, push a button and get-rich-quick” BS!  (Man, you should have heard Kim’s rant about that this morning!) For only $197 for 3 FULL days of training AND you can bring a guest FOR FREE. You’re going to learn from the ground up how to quickly build WordPress websites that make money, and how to duplicate those efforts over and over for continuing residual income. I promise that you’ll leave feeling so empowered to either start an internet business or boost your existing business to new levels. I am looking forward to this so much, and I hope to meet you at the A-Z Internet Marketer’s Bootcamp.

You know that feeling of boundless opportunity I mentioned? It is a direct result of getting off my nail, investing in my myself and taking action to raise my own bar. Before you know it, 2011 will be 1/4 over. Is it time to get off your nail? You can start by attending the A-Z Internet Marketer’s Bootcamp.

I believe so strongly that this is a fantastic learning experience that I’ve joined their team as an affiliate.


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