Thursday, January 18, 2018

Which Camera Should You Get?

“Which camera should I get” is a common question we get asked.

Some factors to consider in deciding what you need depends on what you plan on shooting (still photography, video or both), the level you wish to shoot at, how experienced you are and how much money you wish to spend.

Here’s a short video I shot in Aruba last month where I explain that buying a digital SLR camera may be what you should consider. Now I’m not saying this is for everyone. If you just want to point and shoot, if the terms f/stop, aperture or shutter speed scare you, then this may not be the digital camera for you. However, if you are the creative type, if you have owned an SLR (single lens reflex) camera in the past and enjoyed it, if you like to be in control of how your camera is seeing the world, then you will find that this opens all kinds of creative avenues, far beyond what you can do with a simple point and shoot digital camera.

Examples of what these cameras can do…

Here’s some footage we took earlier this year while on vacation in California’s Gold country.

Here’s a photograph I took while on the cruise.

Image of sunset on cruise ship

As I was photographing this sunset, someone walked by me and made this comment under her breath, “I don’t know why some people have to have those big cameras with that large lens.” Looking at the quality you get from a “big camera with a large lens” I’d love to know what you think? Please comment below…


3 Responses to “Which Camera Should You Get?”
  1. Pieter says:


    How to tell to sell your videos?
    Start with to begin how to record audio.
    Come on, Hear the windnoise in your camera!!
    I hope your shooting is better.

    The Netherlands

    • Kim R Miller says:

      Yes, Pieter, it was an incredibly windy day and we were out on a beach. Even using the wind muff didn’t help all that much. Luckily it was bad for only a short bit on the video.

      I opted to post the video anyway, wind noise and all, because I thought it was more important to get the message out than worry about those few seconds.

      I appreciate you watching it and commenting!



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