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Video Marketing – Why Is It Such A White Hot Topic?

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Many marketers on the cruise took advantage of the Lido deck to do video marketing

Why is video marketing still a popular topic among entrepreneurs and business owners?

Last month when we were on the marketing cruise, we were treated to a mastermind session from entrepreneurs Lasse Rouiaihan and Simon Leong on video marketing and SEO. They brought in a packed house. The interest in the video marketing topic among the 400+ marketers on board was so great that they offered an extra three hour unplanned session later in the week to continue the topic and it was standing room only. There were even people who weren’t in our marketing group who saw the signs and listened in!

My take aways from this experience:

Video marketing continues to be an incredibly powerful way to promote your business

The audience for online video continues to grow. In November 2010 about 172 million viewers consumed 35 billion videos in more than 5 billion sessions!

According to UTalk, “Video advertising is set to become the most dynamic format in the online ad market, propelled by technical advances in the field and an ‘explosion’ of online video consumption.”

It has also been shown that video converts at much higher percentages than just ad copy.

Video marketing is still a big hurdle for people

We were astounded to see only a handful of the marketers using this incredibly powerful marketing tool.

They were either flummoxed with the equipment, uncomfortable speaking on camera or didn’t have a clear idea of what to shoot beyond making screencast movies.

They are not alone. According to a recent eMarketer survey, over 54% of online retailers have yet to put any type of video on their sites.

YouTube is owned by Google and Google loves all things Google

So if you are putting your videos on YouTube, you’re enhancing you’re search engine rankings.

There are many opportunities and reasons to shoot videos

You can use video to shoot testimonials. Offer tips and techniques unique to your industry. Use video to show how to use your product. Offer video FAQs. Shoot video tours of your company or facilities. Introduce key staff.

The list is really only limited to your imagination. The important thing is to use all opportunities presented to you because:

Quantity is very important in generating traffic

The great news is that it’s easy to get a lot of short videos out there working for you in a brief period of time. In video marketing, the shorter, the better.

So… if you aren’t using video online yet, what is holding you back? Is it that you have questions about cameras, don’t want to be on camera, or you are simply so lost that you don’t know where to start? Please make comments and we’ll respond.


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