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Internet Marketing Business Tips: 7 Strategies Smart Marketers Use

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Last week I shared how well I did going without an internet connection when I traveled on Mike Filsaime’s 2011 Marketers cruise. Another internet marketing business tip I got from my time with this group is that entrepreneurs who are smart marketers prosper in any economic climate and those that embrace and become adept at internet marketing have a strategic advantage.

The World Is Your Market

Those that design their businesses or components of their businesses with a strong internet marketing component have the entire world as a potential market. Even if you don’t want to sell products globally or don’t have a product that you can sell online, you can still use digital marketing strategies to increase awareness of your business or service. Email marketing and websites are essential in today’s marketplace.

Practice Shoestring Marketing

Many online marketing strategies are incredibly inexpensive and yet very effective. While offline marketing strategies such as direct mail are still viable, there are more ways than ever to reach current and potential clients and customers via the web. Also at your disposal are some very effective software tools you can use to track your marketing efforts. You can easily test and see what campaigns work best and which may not be working.

Keep Marketing In Down Times

Smart marketers don’t stop marketing in down times. In fact, during times of economic decline it is a good idea to actually ramp up the marketing efforts that work best for you. Not only will you increase your chances of staying viable, but when times get better your business will be in a much stronger position and in your customer’s top of mind when they start to feel better about spending.

Try All Potentially Viable Marketing Strategies

It’s also important to try out a variety of marketing strategies fully before you say they won’t work for you. We started our first ecommerce site selling a DVD I made on my father, the author Patrick Smith. One of our main target markets was older Floridians so I needed a way to reach and sell to them outside of a few distribution channels I established. I was told that “old people don’t buy over the internet.” Guess what? Old people do buy over the internet! Over 8,000 DVDs and thousands of books have sold from that website and show no signs of flagging. If I had heeded that advice and not even given it a try, I wouldn’t have that little business bringing me in the nice steady chunk of change that it does.

Respond More Quickly To Changes In Your Market

Many online businesses don’t have high fixed expenses and overhead so they can respond to changes in the market much more quickly than brick and mortar businesses..

Use Social And Mobile Media To Your Advantage

You may groan, but social media is here to stay. Texting and cell phone use is thoroughly entrenched in our modern life. Smart marketers not only take advantage of these technological tools to reach their prospects, many embrace them. Mobile marketing (implementing strategies to market to cell phone and iPad users, for example) should be in your plans if you are not already embracing it. Don’t feel you have the time to invest? The good news is there are ways you can engage in these new medias without doing it all yourself.

Listening To Your Market Is Essential

While the internet is fairly new, there is one key essential and timeless skill smart marketers have – they know how to listen. They know that it isn’t enough to just market. You have to listen to what your customers want and the problems they have and then come up with a solution and show them you have the best product or are the best person or service to solve their problem. Give them what they want, not what you think they want.

These are just 7 strategies of the many I witnessed as I was surrounded by some of the best internet marketing experts. What other strategies do you know about? Next week I’ll continue my series on the takeaways from the cruise with a post about how video marketing is such a hot topic.


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