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In The Hot Seat: 4 Ways It Will Change Your Life

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Hot seats are powerful learning tools; don’t be afraid of them. Here is my last insight article from the marketers cruise

What is a hot seat?

No, I’m not talking about the videos I did for UltraTouch, the heated toilet seat company. Nor am I talking about the electric chair, taking turns in a computer game, or vying on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show.

I’m talking about a tool done in many mastermind and coaching sessions where a great deal of attention and scrutiny is focused one one individual or business. Normally it revolves around what you’re struggling with in your business.

Yes, they can be nerve-wracking and exposing, but they are done with the intention of helping your clarify your goals and improve your business plan.

Here are some takeaways I came away with from the cruise.

Everyone in the room benefits from hot seats

I admit, I was tempted to leave the hot seat session before it started. It was going to be three hours long and well, I was in the middle of the Caribbean on a ship full of delightful distractions that were tempting me. I thought Kim had the right idea by staying in our balcony cabin and relaxing. I thought, erroneously as it turns out, that this would only be about the person in the hot seat. What kind of value would I get by listening in? Maybe I would be able to give my two cents worth but I really didn’t expect to learn anything that would be helpful to me.


This session turned out to be one of the most valuable events on the cruise. The advice and feedback given was very pertinent to almost all businesses represented. Besides it was good to know that others struggle with some of the same issues we struggle with.

It’s wonderful to give advice to others

There is something to the adage, “it is better to give than receive.” Not only does it make you feel good, you also get a chance to expose your expertise to a large audience of your peers. It not only gives you incredible social proof, but you also get free exposure of what you offer. This is especially powerful when you’re in a room with many people in your industry who may not know you. They get a chance to see that you may be the next person they want to joint venture with. Very powerful.

It can change the direction of your business

A few weeks after the cruise, I went to Larry Loik’s “Speaker’s Bootcamp” in Westlake Village, California. On the first day I was called up to do a hot seat. I  was the ONLY person to get the hot seat that day. (Hint: if you don’t want to be on the hot seat, just sit quietly, keep your mouth shut, don’t participate and don’t make eye contact. Additional Hint: I don’t recommend that.)

So now I can tell you from experience that it’s a humbling experience to be up there. But it was productive, too. People helped chip off some of the bad corners of my business thinking and generally were very supportive. I came away flushed, relieved and exhilarated, all at once. Several people came up to me later with very encouraging things to add. One lady said, “Next time we meet, you’ll be a millionaire.” We’ll see. We may never meet again. Anyway . . .

I came away feeling like I’m on the right track but that there are some adjustments to make in my planning. I was made aware that I have to be more confident in my own ability to achieve the success I deserve. That was a painful reality check. Yes, dear reader, I am not perfect. There’s still lots of room for growth and lots to learn, and I appreciate your company on the journey.

You get consulting worth thousands of dollars – for FREE

There were people in that audience who earn very high incomes, who are already successful in internet businesses. They gave freely of their advice, so I essentially got thousands of dollars worth of coaching for free.

I was very aware of that at the cruise too. In that hot seat session there were several people in that room that earn 8 (yes 8!) figure annual incomes, that were dishing out advice for free. You could not pick up a phone and reach these people (they have people) but here they were in person giving freely of their experience. Wow. And so much of what they said, I could apply to my own business. I took copious notes.

So that’s it. As you read this, Kim and I are heading down to a 3-day seminar about producing and promoting events, again put on by my friend Larry Loik. I know some people will be put on a hot seat (I kind of hope it is Kim), but if they pick me, I’ll gladly take it.

Next time you get the opportunity, will you take the hot seat?


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