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How To Get On TV: My Experience Being On CNBC

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On February 15, 2011, I was in a segment on CNBC’s “Power Lunch.” Here’s the video below.

Even though it wasn’t at all related to my current business, I wasn’t going to let a shot at any type of national media exposure stop me. I did try to get a little subtle plug for our business in there – note the camera in the background along with our laptop open to our website behind me. And the photojournalist did shoot some of me using our digital SLR.

This opportunity to get on tv was a great experience nonetheless. Many people, from my high level marketing connections to the bagger at my local grocery story have asked me “Just how did you get on a national tv show?”

Well, I didn’t plan it. In one respect, it sort of fell in my lap. But in another, it makes sense.

I didn’t seek it out by sending press releases although that is one excellent way of introducing yourself to media. (I did send out a press release to our local papers that I was going to be on the show. No bites, unfortunately but it was worth trying.)

I didn’t do it by virtue of being at the right spot at the right time, but that is also a great way to get noticed. If we see television cameras out and about while we’re shooting, it doesn’t hurt to be inquisitive!

I did however, do it by reading a newspaper article about a change in U.S. policy. A reporter stated that the Department of Labor was requesting public input, so I sat down and shot off an email to them that same morning. I actively put my neck out there with my two cents on an issue I felt strongly about.

A year later, I get a call from producer Karina Frayter from CNBC who asked me if I was the Kim Miller that wrote to the Department Of Labor regarding the push to include an annuity option in 401K plans. The funny thing is, I’m really not the type of person to do something like that. At least, not in the past.

However, since I’ve been blogging and getting more comfortable communicating with people via social media, I’ve noticed that I have found a stronger, more assured voice and am less afraid to share my thoughts with total strangers.

But I really couldn’t remember all the details of what I had written about. Nor could I find any record of an email I sent.

Luckily if you go to the DOL, all emails they solicit for opinion are kept in the public record so I found that email! Which was very good because not only did it refresh my memory, I found I still believed in my own argument.

A week later, Bill Simms, a photojournalist who works in Burbank, drove up and spent the morning interviewing and shooting tons of B-roll, and last week I was on national TV!

Can I make this happen again, next time with a topic more aligned to my own business?

Most certainly, because I know a few things now – about myself and about how to make oneself newsworthy.

Next week: I’ll cover how you can make yourself newsworthy.

I’d love to hear what you think about this segment so please comment below.


2 Responses to “How To Get On TV: My Experience Being On CNBC”
  1. Chase says:


    I’m an intern doing marketing for a very successful website called “”. He is a financial and stocks guru who has a very loyal following. He has been interviewed by a lot of different networks but no national ones really.

    How can I blow my boss away and get him on national TV?


    • Kim R Miller says:

      Chase…Sorry for the delay in replying. Now that’s a tough question since I found myself on tv due to a different situation. I am assuming you are keeping footage and with that I would add it to a PR kit. Have an online PR kit from his website where every place he’s been aired is listed. The stations will probably have footage on their sites that he can link to. Have you heard of Help A Reporter Out? Check it out for story lines reporters are looking for experts to interview. Those are some ideas I have. Good luck!



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