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Mike Filsaime’s 2011 Marketers Cruise Rocked The Boat!

Top internet marketers gather for a photo shoot

We just returned this week from Mike Filsaime’s 2011 Marketers Cruise, a networking vacation tour of the southern Caribbean Sea. This was our second time on this outstanding cruise and it provided rocket fuel for our business. Our heads are still spinning.

The party started even before the cruise when we joined up with friends Kay Kinder and Dave from Ottawa, Canada,  Annette and Chris Pratley from Oxford, England and new friends, Maria and Prriya from London, to dine at Coconuts, the favorite restaurant locals recommend in Fort Lauderdale. Boy, we sure loved the beautiful Fort Lauderdale beach and I just could not get over the size of the yachts in the marinas. If you ever want to see how the truly rich folks live, go to Fort Lauderdale and look at their water toys. Unbelievable.

Chris, Annette, Kay and Dave

We “escaped” to the gorgeous Caribbean islands of Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Curacao and Grand Turk aboard the beautiful Carnival Miracle, where we experienced major pampering, exciting shore excursions, gourmet meals, and the priceless camaraderie of some of the top achievers in the internet industry. We booked our second voyage with this group as a result of our enjoyment of last year’s cruise and the friendships we formed, partnerships we made, and new ideas we’ve launched as a result.

Rob Canyon & his lovely wife, Camini

This year was even better than last and now we’re looking forward to the 2012 cruise to Cozumel, the Panama Canal and Costa Rica. You will soon be receiving an invitation to join us and will receive a special bonus for signing up through our link, so be on the lookout for that. As you’ll see from this article, we cannot overemphasize how inspiring this cruise is and highly recommend that you give it serious consideration if you want to get ahead in the internet marketing business, no matter what your product or service is.

We enjoyed a wonderful “work and play balance.” Some highlights include being tossed around in the warm waters of Grand Turk while getting sand in places sand shouldn’t be (!) while meeting for the first time or getting better acquainted with experts like Larry Loik, Howard (The Outsourcerer) Tiano, Rob Canyon (who later on graciously spent some quality one-on-one time with us) and many more. The conch fritters they served were wonderful but watch out for that local island HOT sauce! It’s off the scale.

Lou Edwards, Donna Fox & Mike Filsaime

We reconnected with our good buddy Jan van de Meer (the CameraEducator) from Holland for business and life (and love!) discussions. We treasure our new friends Gail and Gary Bottomley from New Zealand. Gail filled our heads with great tools and ideas for WordPress sites and convinced us to get an iPad (thank you Gail!). David Cavanagh from The Cavanagh Success Academy in Thailand was a hoot, and he really knows his internet marketing stuff! Really enjoyed Lasse Rouhiainen from Finland, a fellow web video promoter. Simon Hedley, Mark Call, Mike Morgan, Bob (TheTeacher) Jenkins, Mike Filsaime, Donna Fox, Frank (Traffic Geyser) Sousa, Bob Debbas and our effervescent leader Captain Lou Edwards – these folks are at the top of their game and were as open as a book about how they do it. We met so many wonderful and talented people, I’m sorry I don’t have room to write about them all. And to keep the ball rolling, we have a private Facebook group that is quickly evolving into a virtual think-tank. How cool is that! I find it hard to control my enthusiasm for this experience and hope to convince you to join us next January.

With 5 mastermind sessions, more networking events than we could attend (after all we were celebrating our anniversary and needed some couple time ;-), networking dinners every night and special shore excursions, you couldn’t avoid making great friends and business connections and learning things that would transform your business! I just don’t know where you could find an event where you get so much fun and connections for such a bargain price. I doubt it exists.

There was so much great stuff we got out of this master mind cruise over last year but these were the top 5 takeaways:

Jan van de Meer and Kim

1) Internet marketers shouldn’t cut themselves off cold turkey from the internet WITHOUT decent help. Lesson learned the hard way!

2) Smart marketers prosper in any economic climate, and internet marketers have a strategic advantage.

3) Video marketing is a white-hot topic.

4) Social media is changing the face of marketing and will continue to do so; better get on board NOW, folks.

5) Masterminds and hot-seats are powerful learning tools; don’t be afraid of them.

In the following weeks I’ll be covering these more extensively and sharing with you what we learned.

After last year’s cruise, we came back to a year that saw our sales increase 30%. This year we’re aiming for 100% or more! Yes, that sounds incredibly ambitious, but after talking with some of the top minds in the internet world who openly gave their expertise, we believe such growth is possible with focus and determination. Just gotta work on that focus thing.


3 Responses to “Mike Filsaime’s 2011 Marketers Cruise Rocked The Boat!”
  1. Hi Mike

    This sounds like it was fun. It would be great to balance work and play.

    Neil Swainston

    • Rick Smith says:


      It is a great balance and a fantastic business builder. I highly recommend it. In fact, I’ve just returned from my first VIP Mastermind weekend with the mentor I met on this last cruise. Next weekend I go learn from another woman I met on the cruise. Doing both of these is going to double my business this year alone, I’m sure of it.



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