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Leaving The Laptop At Home – Learning To Let Go

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Ahoy from Mike Filsaime’s Internet Marketers Cruise 2011

This post is coming to you from Florida as we get ready to board the cruise ship Carnival Miracle for our internet marketers cruise.

We’re looking forward to a long awaited vacation and also to a challenge we put on ourselves: this is the first trip we’ve taken in 5 years where we didn’t bring our laptops! Not only that but we’re not bringing any other device to be online 24/7, i.e., iPad, smart phone, etc. We are disconnecting.

We’ll be gone for 2 weeks so we’ll be relying on hotel computers and internet cafes at our port stops. It kind of feels like we’re going backwards but we thought that if we truly want to try to run our business, rather than have our business run us, this is something we need to explore. It feels scary yet exhilarating at the same time.

This is a test to see if we can successfully run our business without being so connected to the internet. We’ll be sharing with you how it all works out when we get back.

As we talked about in our video earlier this week, one of our goals this year is to take more down time away from the computers, Facebook, Twitter and other electronic devices.

I really miss those days when you went off on a trip and didn’t even know anyone was calling you – (this is for you readers who remember a time before answering machines.) You truly could disconnect and unwind on a vacation. Even on the ship now, you are exposed to the news. That wasn’t the case ten years ago when I took a cruise down the Amazon.

Last year we saw all the newscasts in our cabin of the Haitian earthquake and although we do want to learn of these tragedies, there is something to be said for one’s mental health when you have a few days of not knowing.

We are doing it with some forethought and planning. We’re leaving during a time when sales are usually slow. We arranged for someone to handle our orders. We have set up posts to run automatically during our absence so we’ll continue to have exposure. We will have our regular cellphone, too.

If we truly want to be what Rick likes to call “flip flop entrepreneurs,” well then it’s time to give it a test drive.

So our next two posts will be from others while we are at sea. The first will be from Kimberly Green who offers an idea to monetize your special events through live streaming video. That will be followed up by an article by Don Doman of PNW Video Productions ( on innovative and promotional uses of video.

Happy New Year!


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