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Best of How To Sell Your Videos Blog Posts

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We’re on our way home from Florida today so I decided to slip in a “Best of How To Sell Your Videos Blog 2010” post before the new year really gets underway just in case you missed something from the past year.

Here are our top articles from 2010, based on your enthusiasm via comments, links, and retweets.

Far and large, our articles on video trends and equipment were the most popular.

Video Trends

I headed down to LA to attend DVExpo 2010 then turned around in October to go to Streaming Media and Createsphere. Here’s the list of those top articles.

Video Trends: Is 3-D Video In Your Future?

Who knows where the 3-D video trend is headed? Will we all be shooting & watching 3-D in the near future, or will this remain a novelty item for those with the spare cash to buy the expensive production & viewing equipment? Just my thoughts…

Video Trends: Canon HD Cameras Dominate Digital Video Expo 10

In this post, I share my impressions about the video trends that were apparent at the 2010 Digital Video Expo 10 (DV Expo) in Pasadena, California.

Video Gear: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Every video geek’s lament…you can’t get all the video toys you want! Video equipment shouldn’t be a stumbling block to getting started producing your own special interest videos. Information is more important than video gear!

Video Equipment

I wrote about my Canon XH A1s purchase in Canon XH A1s 3CCD: Why I Bought An HDV Camera That Uses Tape followed by The #1 Reason I Bought My HDV Camera
What Type Of Video Camera Should I Buy: What I Have

Canon T2i Reviews

Then I went on to buy a Canon T2i and wrote a couple of articles on my new Canon T2i that readers enjoyed.

I started out introducing the camera in Looking For A Still Camera That Shoots HD Video. Then I wrote about why I think it’s one of the best cameras for the money and finished up with one of the cool features I think you’ll love about this camera.

Making Money With Video

Also Kim’s series on Making Money With Your Vacation Video got a lot of interest.

Some of those posts included:

Make Money With Your Vacation Videos: Create A Web Video Blog and its companion article, Making A Video Blog: Naming And Hosting Tips

She wrote why video blogging is a fun way to make some money with your vacation video footage and how creating a web video blog is easy but before you start, you need to decide on a few things.

Make Money With Your Vacation Video: Sell Your Footage and Make Money With Your Vacation Video: Turn It Into An Educational Video were also well received.

One idea she explored is selling your footage to a stock agency. Another way make money with your vacation video? Turn it into an educational product.

One of the most tweeted and shared article for this year was experience with shooting with Perry Lawrence (formerly of AskMrVideo) and Thomas Roberts last September during a Canon T2i workshop Perry held in Virginia.

The Benefits Of Taking A Leap Of Faith: (Hint: It’s More Than Financial Reward

We want this blog to provide you with some good information to get you started producing and selling your videos. In order to do that, I’d love to hear from you on topics you would like us to cover in 2011. Please take a few minutes and comment below!


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