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External Microphones: Get Better Audio In Windy Conditions

Planning on shooting video while you go on vacation? Here is one item I suggest you bring along.

This was shot on Eagle Beach, Aruba. It was hard work but hey … somebody has to do it!

Internet addiction? Or just good business practices?

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Internet addiction: is that really a problem in internet marketing?

My wife and I recently took an 8-day cruise vacation to the Southern Caribbean with over 400 fellow internet marketers. This was our second year with this group and it is mostly for fun but the opportunity to network and form new business alliances is always there, so it isn’t total relaxation. Because we work out of our home we rarely get any real down time and are seldom not connected to the internet, so we wanted to emphasize the vacation element of the trip. Click here to continue reading

Mike Filsaime’s 2011 Marketers Cruise Rocked The Boat!

Top internet marketers gather for a photo shoot

We just returned this week from Mike Filsaime’s 2011 Marketers Cruise, a networking vacation tour of the southern Caribbean Sea. This was our second time on this outstanding cruise and it provided rocket fuel for our business. Our heads are still spinning.

The party started even before the cruise when we joined up with friends Kay Kinder and Dave from Ottawa, Canada,  Annette and Chris Pratley from Oxford, England and new friends, Maria and Prriya from London, to dine at Coconuts, the favorite restaurant locals recommend in Fort Lauderdale. Boy, we sure loved the beautiful Click here to continue reading

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