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Build Your List: 3 Reasons You Need An Email Address List

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Build a list of prospects + regularly contacting them = $$$$

“Should I build a list if I only have a few videos to sell?” Here is a common question we get:

Q: I only have a couple of products I’m selling in my niche – 2 videos and a book. I understand that I need to get a lot of traffic to my site but I also hear that I should “build a list.” Why do I need to do that with my narrow product line?

A: There are two important takeaway points here.

First, even with a narrow product line, it’s still important to build your list of potential buyers. If they don’t buy the on the first visit to your site, chances are they won’t return unless you contact them. There are just too many competing websites. So first and foremost, you want to capture their email address so that you can continue to contact them with the goal of converting them into a customer.

Second, if they do buy from you but you only have one product of interest to them, you’re done! There is no basis for a continuing a relationship with them. Repeat sales are where your efforts to obtain customers really pay off. That’s one of the reasons we encourage extending your product line by producing a series of videos and adding related items to sell, even if you begin distributing items from another source, such as a book or video publisher, Amazon.com or affiliate products.

What About Direct Mail?

Despite rumors that direct mail is dead, it is still highly effective but also expensive. That said, if you know your market, know they are best reached by mail, have a proven track record of purchasing, and if you sell your videos at a higher price point, then by all means build that list as well. But also continue to build your online email address list too. We use both, and each has its place in our overall marketing plan.

Learn From Other Successful Marketers

When we first started selling our DVDs on the internet, we were focused on converting visitors to customers, which of course is the ultimate goal. At the time we didn’t realize that by not capturing information from all of our visitors, even those who didn’t buy from us the first time, we were leaving money on the table and missing out on potential future sales.

So we studied and learned from other internet marketers about what was working for them, applied it to our own marketing and the results were dramatic. Using the tools we get in our shopping cart system,  we began collecting names and email addresses of our visitors and regularly contacted them via email. We started seeing our conversion rates go from 2-3% to over 25%, which is very high.

3 Reasons You Want To Build Your Contact List

1. You’ll have a group of interested prospects that have given you permission to email them.

When these people signed up on your email address list, they raised their hands and said, “I want to hear from you and I’ll pay attention to what you send me.” They may not have bought your video or product yet but they are interested enough to give you something valuable, their email address, in exchange for hearing from you.

Now of course, you’re going to get some people who’ll just sign up to get your freebie and have no interest in what you have to offer, but I’ve found that isn’t the majority. The beauty of doing this with a digital incentive on your website is that you don’t have to spend any money or take any more time to have 1,000 people “take” your digital item than if you had 10 people.

2. You’re able to establish name recognition

Now that they’ve given you permission to contact them, you can email them on a regular basis so that you and your business can remain in front of them. With regular emails, they’ll get to know YOU. Regular contact is key!

In the direct mail industry, the magic number of times you have to mail to a person before they buy is seven. However, recently I’ve been hearing that number is as high as 27.


That’s more than 3 times what direct mail marketing claims! What this tells me is that there is a lot of competition and so it’s even more imperative to remind your information-overloaded prospects that you’re out there and have the solutions and products they are looking for.

3. As you build trust with the people on your list, you will make sales.

These days I’m just as thrilled when I turn on the computer in the morning and see new subscribers as I am when I see orders. I know that these name represent potential future customers. In fact, there are many times when I see a new subscriber sign up for our freebie, then a little while later, sometimes within an hour or less, they buy.

It works because individuals buy from people and businesses they trust. One of the ways your prospects will gain trust in you is to receive relevant, high-quality information from you, see that you have the solutions to their problems, and hear from you often.

Come On Now, Does This Really Work?

Absolutely. When we started seriously started using email marketing I was afraid we were contacting our mailing list too often. I thought we would annoy them, but the truth is they get so many sales messages that they lose count of how many they get from any one company.

Just as in direct mail, you want your message to be on the top of the pile when they are ready to buy. Since you don’t know when that is, you have to send frequent messages and hope the timing is right. Yes, you’ll get some unsubscribes, but those people probably were never going to buy from you anyway.

Also, you can’t try it once and make a decision based on the results. You have to make this part of a long term marketing plan. You’ll need to know how to capture names, use autoresponders to contact them, and write creative, informational and motivating emails. In future articles we’ll talk more about those important steps.


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