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2011 Marketing Trends – My Predictions

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2011 Marketing Trends – My Predictions

Year end is always a fun time to offer predictions of the coming new year. Here are 5 trends we see happening in our industry in 2011 and how they may affect your business.

1 – Mobile marketing is gaining traction fast.

I read about this a lot but evidence of that hit home with me while my 29 year old son was visiting. He told me that outside of his work computer or downloading movies, he never looks at his PC to do searches, post on Facebook, etc. He does it all via his phone. He joked he only knew what the internet looked like on his phone.

What this means for you: You need to be up-to-date on the technology for efficiently serving your websites, videos, blogs, etc. to mobile devices. I will admit that I need to do some research on this topic myself. I do not yet own a smart phone because where I live AT&T’s service is practically nonexistent and I’m a Verizon customer. I’ve been holding out for an iPhone but if Apple doesn’t make the iPhone available on Verizon soon I am going to switch to a Droid and jump ship, but I think they will. That’s what resolutions are, right, a commitment to learn things we need to know.

2 -While marketing fundamentals haven’t changed, the tools and techniques of internet marketing are constantly evolving.

What that means for you: Although it may be impossible to keep up with it all, having this innovation offers lower technology costs, expanded services, great apps and plugins that extend what you can do; basically it just keeps getting better all the time (sounds like a Beatles tune).

3 – Retail internet sales will continue to grow.

In 2010, online retail sales grew by 15.5%. In 2009 it grew by 11%. Sales growth like that is impressive in a good year but the fact that this happened during the recession leads me to confidently assert that eCommerce is here to stay.

When we got our merchant account in 2005, we were told that they didn’t really see this area as one of growth. I knew then that companies would see it and this 15.5% increase is music to my ears. Almost everyone I talked to over the last few weeks, from my 25 year old hairdresser to my 70 year old mother-in-law told me they bought Christmas gifts over the internet this year.

What that means for you: There’s no better time to get in on it. Couple that with the lower cost of online marketing and you have a good chance of making a nice profit with a great video or other information product.

4 – On line video delivery.

I’ve recently been digging into this technology and have been writing about this over the last few weeks. It’s exciting to see companies entering this field and offering more services at lower prices.

What that means for you: Win/win for the smaller producer. At the lower price points, the barrier to expanding your video offerings is decreased. With online video delivery, your customer sees your video right away and you see cash… and it’s done with no extra effort on your part beyond setting it up and marketing it. You don’t have to maintain inventory, ship items or go through a fulfillment service.

5 – Big launches for those high-priced “internet marketing secrets” programs seem to be getting less profitable and less effective.

I don’t know about you, but it seems marketers launching those programs are more desperate these days. I’ve seen a few of them really badger me to buy long after the supposed expiration date has passed. This is just my feeling but it’s been echoed in other posts I’ve read.

What this means for you: As I said, this is a personal opinion but I think people are getting really tired of the “Hurry up and buy my $997 world-changing product before we sell out” hype. I understand about creating a sense of urgency but really, how can you run out of a digital product? People know this and are wary and tired of such pushy marketing tactics, at least I am. I’ve observed that no matter how great the latest whiz bang shiny object sounds, there will be a better offer the next week.

Although this is a viable marketing model, there is also money to be made over the long term by getting to know your customers and what they want, consistently producing and offering a good program at a good price, making it continuously available, and then using tried and true marketing principles to reach them.

Also, the reality of the new economy means fewer people are able to pay high fees to get in on the latest marketing guru’s course. I think we’ll see prices go down for many of the big launches and I hope to see less breathless hyperbole in the marketing copy.


Selling videos to niche markets is more promising than ever as more people have the ability to view your marketing material and your online videos from more devices. The main thing you need to do is get busy and get some products out there for sale. Here’s to your success in 2011.


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