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Social Media Facebook Strategy: 5 Ways To Connect In Facebook In Under 5 Minutes

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Social Media Facebook

Your social media Facebook strategy doesn’t have to take up all your time.

One of the reasons Facebook is such a powerful marketing strategy is that it gives you a myriad of opportunities to develop relationships with your prospects and other influential people in your industry.

One of the key components to doing that is to actively participate. Personal, daily interactions are best, but what about those days when you are really pressed for time? Don’t let that stop you because if you have 5 minutes you can hop onto Facebook and get a conversation going.

Here are 5 ways to connect with Facebook in under 5 minutes.

1) Send birthday wishes.

Facebook makes this easy by announcing your friend’s birthday. A simple “happy birthday” goes a really long way. More powerful is quickly personalizing the wish by including their name, or commenting on their recent status update. For example, if they mention how they’ll be celebrating, I’ll add a sentence about that. The benefit? You’ll most likely get a thank you back so you’ll show up in their news feed twice!

2) Report on industry news

Take a glance through your emails or read the business section of your online newspaper for any pertinent news on your industry. Then copy and paste the link to the article you’d like to share to your news feed.

Don’t have any news? Sign up for daily Google Alerts to notify you of news on major topics in your field. Subscribe to RSS feeds from top blogs in your business for news. Do a quick search in Facebook on some of the key players in your industry and see what they’ve reported that you could share on your newsfeed. You not only will be giving good value to your following by reporting from reputable sources, those players will see that you are paying attention to them and it increases your chances they may do likewise.

3) Share a great quote

Keep a list of quotes you find inspirational, are pertinent to your field, are funny, etc. and have them at the ready to post. These are quick and you’ll be really surprised at the conversations people will start in response to them. A simple Google search will turn up a treasure trove. I also quote from news articles and from my own newspaper’s letters to the editor. When you can, it’s good practice to cite the writer of the quote.

4) Report on your day and ask about theirs

Why does it seem that when you’re drawing a blank on what to post, food and weather come to mind first? While some of those posts can elicit a lot of comments, it can get old and show a lack of creativity. Instead, post some of the projects you’re working on and follow it up with the simple question, “What do you have planned for your day?” This one always gets a conversation going on my page. It also is a great way to softly market to your prospects by keeping them aware of upcoming products, events or services that may benefit them in the future.

5) “Like” someone’s status

Although it’s always better to comment on someone’s post for a greater connection, you can stay in their awareness with a simple click of the “Like” button. You can also “like” another’s comment to the original post as well. You’ll show up in all the other commenters news feeds giving you increased exposure.

Still don’t even have 5 minutes to spare? There are many applications that help you automate your social media. One of my favorites is SocialOomph.* You can set up status updates in advance and then schedule them to post each day. With the professional version (there is a small monthly fee) you can have them recur every six weeks. Since I’ve started doing that, I’ve freed up so much time yet have been able to grow my followers and give them benefit and value. It is still important to check in on a daily basis and connect but I have shaved off the hours I was spending before.

When looking at your social media Facebook marketing strategy, it isn’t all about getting a huge following, although that is important. You also need to engage with them to make your efforts successful. You can stay in front of your prospects, clients and customers and show them value in following you – which will lead to doing business with you – in only a few minutes.

These are just 5 ways quick ways I connect on Facebook, there are many others. What time saving measures do you do to start conversations and connect on Facebook?

(*Because SocialOomph has been such a wonderful tool for me in my business, I signed up as an affiliate so if you click through this link and sign up for the professional service, I’ll get a small commission. The free version is also powerful so I recommend it. It even improved my sleep…I used to post and tweet in my dreams!) I’m only promoting affiliates with businesses I believe in, use, and trust.)


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