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Happy Thanksgiving 2010 – Our Gratitude List

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Today we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, a holiday dedicated to heroic feats of overeating, football watching, preparing for the Black Friday sales and avoiding all those touchy subjects with your relatives.

But beyond these traditions, the holiday is supposed to be about gratitude.

And since gratitude is something we practice daily in our lives, and one that’s been scientifically proven to make us happier, we’d like to share our gratitude list with you.

Maybe this will inspire you to add a few items to your own list. At the very least, it’ll give you something to talk about with your extended family other than politics, religion, or whether Bristol Palin should have made it to the finals on Dancing With The Stars.

And we can all be grateful for that.

New ways of doing business

I’ve heard it said that the internet is the world’s biggest printing press combined with the world’s biggest post office, both free.

That might be a slight oversimplication, but not by much.

Running a business (online or traditional) is never simple, but with the advent of the internet and now social media, there are so many new tools that have made it simpler.

Getting the word out, finding new customers, staying in touch with the customers we already have, creating new products … there are dozens of ways that information technology is making business better, more profitable, and available to more people.

The internet has totally changed not only the way we run our business, it’s changed the way we market ourselves and our products. It’s  pretty darn cool that we can sit here in our pjs, sip our coffee while watching the local deer forage in our backyard…and get orders from Australia, the UK and beyond! When they buy the products digitally, even better.

I’m going to let Rick, who is more technically savvy, talk about all that he’s thankful to have learned this year.

Grateful to be always learning

I’ve been fortunate this year to meet some amazing people in both the video and internet marketing industries. I had a marvelous three days in Virginia with Perry Lawrence and Thomas Roberts in October, learning all about the amazing new Canon T2i. If you want to jump into the HD DSLR world, this camera is an affordable entry point that if fully capable of making jaw dropping images.

I enjoyed going to DV Expo in Pasadena in September and seeing all the new toys, oops, tools. Isn’t it cool that after several decades in the video business I still find it like one big toy box. I hope you do too.

I was also priviledged to atted Streaming Media West, which I learn so much about on-demand and streaming video options that my head hurt. I’m very excited about developments here and just wrote one article about it, with another coming soon about ClickStreamTV.

Createasphere was another fun and educational experience. It was held in Burbank immediately following Streaming Media West. I’m still finding the time to write article about some of the equipment and technology coming your way that I discovered there.

It has been a privilege to attend these types of events and to write about and share my thoughts with you. I’m grateful to you for giving me an audience.

Now – back to Kim.

Amazing mentors

Four people in particular have really influenced our business (and bottom line) this year: Bill Myers, Perry Lawrence (formerly of AskMrVideo), and Jessica Swanson. Our sales are up 30% over last year, in large part to the information, connections and training they have given us. Thank you so much, guys.

I’d say something mushy about my husband, Rick, here, but he hates that, so I’ll just say thanks. It’s been a wild couple of years, and I don’t see us slowing down any time soon.

And of course, I have to mention how grateful I am to you, our subscribers and customers. You’ve made us feel, especially over this last year, that we aren’t alone in feeling passionate and excited about the video publishing industry.

Because of that, we felt confident to roll out our plans for our SIVAcademy.

A lot of people think that online marketing education is full of hype and bogus promises. We’ll show you that you don’t chase the latest “Internet Push-Button Cash System.” Instead you build real businesses, you take action, and you get amazing results.

It’s a privilege to hear how we’ve helped you so far.

So what’s on your list? Got a gratitude list going? Let us know in the comments what’s on your list this year.

P.S. We’re giving our blog a break this week. So if you still need a good distraction from your family, why not sign up for our weekly newsletter that comes with the How To Sell Your Videos Kit? It’s full of smart advice about producing, marketing and selling your own videos and other information products, and we guarantee it’s 100% free of holiday sweaters, nosy comments about your weight, or those green bean casseroles and yams with the weird tiny marshmallows.


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