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Video Trends: Is 3-D Video In Your Future?

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3-D Monitor

DVExpo sees viability in 3-D video. Do you?

The first thing that greeted you upon entering the recent DVExpo show was some astonishing 3-D monitors, and the prices were equally breathtaking. Who knows where this 3-D video trend is headed? Will we all be shooting and watching 3-D in the near future, or will this remain a novelty item for those with the spare cash to buy the expensive production and viewing equipment?

3-D Video: Challenges To Widespread Adoption

The Panasonic AG3DA1 3-D video camera, at $21,000, is the entry point for shooting 3-D video. Until producing in 3-D gets less expensive, there won’t be enough programming to drive sales to the monitors, so it may be slow going for a while. I personally enjoy the novelty of 3-D, but I’m bugged by having to wear special glasses. I also find that I get caught up in the fact that I’m watching 3-D and I focus on that rather than the story line. Maybe over time that will change.

This recent news story in the LA Times concurs that the most hyped new tv technology this year is 3-D. “The advent of 3-D hasn’t shown any signs, however, of jump-starting sales in the US,” said iSuppli analyst Riddh Patel. I agree with Patel that it’s “a hard sell and there are a lot of hidden costs that people don’t want to take on right now.”

3-D TV, like 3-D movies, can’t be viewed properly without the use of special glasses. In some cases, glasses come with the sets, but otherwise they have to be purchased a la carte. Also, not many TV shows or Blu-ray discs are available this year in the format. And if the costs of producing content is kept high, the content will likely not be there for awhile. Investing in this type of production seems to me to take a certain vision in its future viability.

So the major challenges I see in this trend is that the content is still not there, you have to buy each person whose watching the program a pair of glasses, you have to buy a 3-D Blu-ray player, and you can’t use the glasses across TV brands. However with the announcement from Toshiba of a tv where you don’t have to wear glasses could signify a change on the horizon.

Now DVExpo felt more optimistic, going so far as to include “3-D Central” to this year’s theme. Time will tell how it all plays out.

What are your thoughts? Do you think 3-D video is a viable, growing trend or do you see it as more of a passing fad?


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