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How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business: What You Can Learn In A Week Of Tweeting

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Learning how to use Twitter is a smart marketing strategy

I admit that until recently I just didn’t get Twitter. I think partly the language of Twitter (tweet, tweeting, the name Twitter itself) turned me off. It sounds so cartoonish.

It was also because I didn’t know how to use Twitter in my marketing and business strategy.

Luckily, my wife – and business partner – did get it, as she shared with you in earlier post on 5 excellent reasons why you should twitter for business. She’s been diligently sending out “tweets” on my behalf to build a following. She’s been sharing with me what she’s been up to and encouraging me to join in the conversation because she thinks I have a good rapport and banter with people and I’ve been telling her sweetly that she’s doing a fine job. In fact I was boasting about having a “ghost twitterer.” It wasn’t until I hooked up with some other entrepreneurs that I was a bit shamed into trying my hand at it. So for the past week I’ve started doing my own tweeting and connecting with people related to my business.

I have seen the light.

What did I discover by tweeting for myself?

I saw 3 pretty impressive phenomena when I took over my own tweeting.

1 – I saw my followers jump from 2,992 (it took my wife over 15 months to get it that high) to over 3,090 and growing over the course of 1 week!

2 – I’ve seen a big growth in traffic to my website. In fact, on a couple of days when I was really active, my website traffic doubled!

3 – I got explosive exposure to a post I wrote last week. As a result, hundreds of people came to my site each day, stayed around and read more!

Now how did I use Twitter to do make that happen?

I learned first hand through this experience that it isn’t really enough to have an account and then tweet every once in a while. Unless you’re a big name or brand out there, you’re just going to get lost in the constant Twitter stream, and that to me is just a huge waste of time when using it for business. However, if you approach it strategically and from a marketing point of view, I have seen that it is well worth the time I invested.

Increasing the number of twitter followers

Every savvy marketer knows that to be successful you want to talk to the “right” people and have them get to know you so they’ll listen to what you have to offer. The same goes on Twitter.

So I started to look at who was following specific Twitterers I was following in my industry. (Hint: to increase your exposure, follow Twitterers who have a large following.)

I looked at those people’s followers’ profile and if they looked like people who would be interested in my business or would be my target market, I followed them. Because I started following people who were following similar businesses to mine, many of those people then returned the favor and followed me which is what I was hoping for. I’d heard that around 80% of people will return the favor and follow you back, I figured I would get a lot of them following me. I also increased those odds by choosing people who were inclined to be interested in the same topics as me.

Yes, there are services and other techniques you can use but if your intention is good quality TARGETED followers, I would really investigate those other avenues before spending money on them or trying any “spammy” services.

This strategy worked very well to get more followers, but simply having the extra followers didn’t get the traffic to my website. I had to do more.

Increasing Twitter conversations

I started talking to those power Twitterers in my industry. I started sharing my followers’ tweets. I started tweeting about great stuff that was happening in the industry. When I started doing that I saw traffic to my site increase.

Through conversations with some Twitterers who have a HUGE following, I mean over 80,000, and “tweeting” and “retweeting” those followers, I’ve been rewarded with an increased email subscriber list. Because they must have found I was tweeting interesting stuff (which was my intent!), we’ve seen our subscriber numbers double this past week as well!

Improving your search rankings by capitalizing on your tweets

Now I think before I tweet. There are some powerful strategies Kim learned on how to capitalize on your tweets through adding links to your posts and also making those tweets interesting and therefore clickable and retweetable. Those links you add to your tweets are counted as backlinks in Google. For search engine traffic, backlinks are gold.

My Twitter Marketing Tips: Summary

It isn’t enough just to find people to follow on twitter, you want to do it strategically if you’re doing it for business. Take a plunge and talk to people, but make it relevant to their business and their followers to increase your success that they’ll retweet you. Before you tweet, think about how you can add your website link into your tweets and make them irresistable for retweeting.

So, if you haven’t seen the application of Twitter to your business, don’t feel alone. But don’t dismiss it as a silly passing fad, either. You can find me on Twitter at @PanoramaRick.

If you’re new to Twitter, I strongly encourage you to learn about it before you leap. A great resource we’ve used and recommend is Joel Comm’s book,  Twitter Power, which came with a series of valuable social media webinars.


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