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Why Producing Special Interest Videos Can Make You Serious Money

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(Continued from a previous post where I defined special interest videos)


Special Interest Videos Can Make You Money

So why would you want to produce special interest videos?

If you are a videographer, you most likely got interested in the videography business because you love the creative aspects of producing a great video. And like many videographers who run a video service company, you may be frustrated with some aspects of running this type of business, like lining up clients, contracting yourself out, advertising, freelancing and running a storefront for your business.

This also holds true if you’re a coach, trainer or other service based business where you feel like you scramble after your clients and wish there was a way to reach more people who would benefit from your business or product.

Tough economic times may have you spending more time looking for clients rather than creating video productions and that really affects your passion for your craft. If you’re at that point, it’s time to consider all opportunities to keeping your excitement for video alive…and make money doing it.

Shoot It Once, Sell It For Years

Producing special interest videos is a perfect sideline where you can overcome these limitations of the video service business. For starters, unlike the service production business, the special interest video lets you profit, over and over again, by selling your program to interested customers around the world – without leaving your home.

For less than $10 a month, you can have your own eCommerce site that sells your line of videos around the clock. Or you can work with distributors who do it for you and send you checks. We fondly call this our “Shoot It Once, Sell It For Years” business model.

With a service industry model, you or your staff can only produce a program for one client at a time. Then when that program is delivered and you get your final payment, you won’t make any more money on a project that you probably poured your heart into. Your model is providing service one to one and your income potential is limited to only the number of clients you can handle.

With a special interest video title, you can put your effort into it once…and then sell to many. For example just recently I received a check from one distributor for seven DVDs they bought from us. The DVDs sell in a specialty market (agriculture education) for $120 and we sell them wholesale for $79 each. So we made $553 on a DVD we produced 2 years ago.

All I had to do to make that money was ship the DVDs to them.

If you have it set up with a fulfillment house, a separate business that does all the warehousing, packaging and shipping for you, your only effort at this point would be dialing the phone or sending an email.

$553 for one phone call. Wouldn’t you like to get paid like that?

Benefits of producing and selling your own videos

Another great benefit is the freedom from demanding clients because you are the boss and your own client. Over the last year, we’ve been able to really pick and choose the best clients in our service based video business because we now have a steady – and growing – stream of income from the video titles we sell. Imagine being able to say yes to only the more profitable and satisfying projects in your business.

Along with that you get creative expression and can do it your way. You can be pretty much in charge of the whole process, from beginning to end. Although my first title wasn’t that sexy, Properties Of Soil, I absolutely loved the process of creating it! It brought together all my creative and intellectual sides; researching, conceptualizing, scripting, story-boarding, working with people (the advisor, narrator, on-camera talent, etc.), shooting and editing. The fact that title alone has made more than $100,000 is pretty nice icing on the cake.

Your income is limited only by your enthusiasm and imagination. Let me tell you, there is great personal satisfaction in getting paid to produce your dream production. It is also highly likely that you may experience less competition for your titles than you do in your service business. In fact, you may not have any competition for your topic!

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The entire article was featured in Punto Magazine, a bilingual photography and video magazine (Spanish and English) in the September-October 2010 and will continue in the November-December 2010 issue. You can view the article (it starts on Page 18 and is in english) along with the whole issue here.

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