Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Internet Age: How It’s Changed The Special Interest Video Industry

(Continuation in my special series on special interest videos where last week I addressed the question, “How much can you make producing and selling your own videos?“)

Internet Video Has Changed The Industry

How has the internet age changed the special interest video industry?

The internet has brought with it some exciting and far reaching opportunity in this business of producing, distributing and marketing your videos. It has made it possible for anyone to enter this industry…not just companies with big pockets.

Leveled the playing field

When I started in this industry, the primary way you reached your customers was through distributors, catalog publishing and direct mail campaigns. The former eats into your profit margin and the latter two are very expensive and prohibitive for the small producer.

The internet has leveled that playing field. With the advent of internet marketing, i.e., email, SEO, blogging, pay-per click advertising, and social media, there are much more economical and new marketing avenues for the small producer.

Lowered the overhead costs

No longer do we have to rely on having a human answer the phone or mail to take orders. Now about 98% of our orders come in online. Many of them arrive overnight or while we’re away from the office. We rarely have to talk to a customer, although we maintain a toll-free number.

When you offer downloadable products, it gets even better! The customer gets the video immediately and you get payment directly into your bank account with no time or money spent packaging, shipping or handling.

Improved research tools

The internet also changes the way you can research and reach your target market.

Although it takes commitment, time and work to produce and sell your own videos, the key to being successful is to pick the right topic, have a well-targeted audience and a good marketing strategy

Along with all the positive changes brought about by the internet age, there are some special challenges it has brought to this field, specifically the proliferation of all the free videos now available and how to stay current on the technology.

Those specific areas will be addressed in our next post. Sign up for our RSS feed to get the next post in this series!

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