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What Do Exercise Videos, Documentaries And Math Tutorials Have In Common?

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Produce and sell your special interest video!

Punto Magazine, a bilingual photography and video magazine (Spanish and English), just featured the first part of an  article I wrote titled, Producing and Selling Special Interest Videos, in the September-October 2010 issue. My articles have been picked up by other blogs in the past however, it doesn’t match the excitement of seeing your work in print! You can view the article (starts on Page 18 and is in english) along with the whole issue here.

I’ve also decided to share the key points I covered with you here over the next several posts. (Although the article was geared to a videographer audience, ANYONE who has an interest in doing this can produce and sell their own video products!)

Today’s post addresses what special special interest videos are. You’ll see why the sky is the limit – and the possibilities are endless – when you join this billion dollar plus industry.

Producing and Selling Your Special Interest Videos

Imagine taking an idea you have and producing an informative program or series that will get seen by hundreds, maybe thousands of people and makes you residual income for years. Now visualize producing something you have creative control over, without having to please a client or meet a deadline. Picture not panicking if your phone’s not ringing, or hustling to land that next big job because you have a steady stream of video sales adding to your supplemental income. Envision waking up, turning on your computer to find “New Order” notifications in your inbox. Think that would be too good to be true?

It’s not as impossible as it sounds. It’s what we do, and you can also. But how?

Through producing your own special interest videos. Many regular people, videographers and non-videographers alike, do this as a sideline to their business or turn it into their full-time business. We personally work with a few partners who earn six- to seven- figures a year, just selling their own productions.

What are Special Interest Videos? Is there really money to be made in producing and selling them?

Special interest videos are categorized as non-fiction videos, differentiated from the movie category like the book publishing differentiates novels from non-fiction books. Other names for these types of videos are educational, instructional, or how-tos.

The genre is diverse; they can be histories, documentaries, or nature programs. You find exercise; “kidvid”; safety; tutorial; travel; cooking; training videos; and more on the market. They can be edu-tainment, sometimes weaving in a fictional story line but with the intent to educate and inform. They educate, entertain and inspire…and they sell like crazy.

The market for these DVDs is expected to reach $49 billion by the end of 2010. This figure doesn’t include video delivered via the web! And although media corporations and television channels produce many of these videos, ordinary people, like you and me, are also producing many of them as well.

So the great news is you don’t have to be a large production studio, or even know how to use a video camera, to get in the game! With the advent of the internet and its growing technology for web delivery, there has never been a better time to produce and sell non-fiction or special interest videos.

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*** Punto Magazine is an innovative, bilingual (Spanish and English) publication brings to its readers tutorials, interviews with some of the industry’s top photographers, videographers, editors, and regularly hosts seminars, workshops and trade shows.

The magazine, along with WEVA International (Wedding and Events Videography Association) the largest video association in the world, launched WEVA Latino for the spanish speaking professional videographer.


4 Responses to “What Do Exercise Videos, Documentaries And Math Tutorials Have In Common?”
  1. Pene says:

    I want to make my own video, I have the best football training in the market hands down, I don’t know how I can deliver it to the nation! please help me!

    • Kim R Miller says:

      Your first step should be to research the market. Is this something that isn’t already available? Who is your target customer? Would they buy a training video? Why would they buy your video? How much would/could they afford to pay? What is your competition? Your enthusiasm is great but you really want to do your homework before you invest the time and money to produce your video. At the risk of sounding self-promoting, we strongly recommend you buy and read our book, Shoot To Sell – Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos. It is a very small investment and clearly explains how you should proceed in order to be successful.


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