Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Make Money With Your Vacation Video: How To Use It In Your Own Productions

Sometimes when we travel on vacation, we may plan our trips around a specific educational video project we are working on. Most of the time, we definitely think about where we are heading and how we can use that opportunity to shoot some b-roll or other footage for use later. When you’re in the business and mindset of producing your own video titles, it’s not long before you start to think how you can make money with your vacation videos by using it later in your own productions as well.

When you do, however, you’ll want to develop a system for finding and using all that footage later. While on your trip or as soon as we get home, you’ll need to log and categorize your shots. Doing so makes it so much easier to find shots to use when we are working on our video.

Organize your shots

Organizing your shots is essential if you wish to use them in future videos. You will save yourself a lot of headache later when you go hunting for that one shot you know you took on last year’s vacation that would be perfect to use in your latest video.

If you are still using tape, be sure to write the shot descriptions on your tapes at the very least.  Then capture and log all your shots as you have time – the sooner the better. When logging, make sure to use good keywords to describe your shots.

If you’re downloading it from your card, phone or camera, make sure you rename them and put them in appropriate folders on your computer.

The next step is to enter this information into a database type file. I use an Excel spreadsheet but I know there are other logging computer software systems available such as Foottrack for Mac users and Timecode Log for PCs*.

On the spreadsheet, write down at the top of the page the specific tape you’re logging, i.e., Trip to New Mexico 2010. Then write in the time code in and out points for each shot. Next to that, write a short description using good keywords. Try to be as descriptive as you can be…your future self will be so much happier! For example, I’ll write something like “Single saguaro cactus in silhouette at sunset.” I get as specific as possible not only with what is in the shot but I also like to include the type of shot as well.

Taking the time to do all of this not only helps you more easily access footage you’ve already shot that you could use in future productions, thus saving you time and money, it also burns in your mind what you have shot, thus making it that much easier to recall when the time arrives. Like I said in my video, this is the main way we have made money from our vacation videos. Our vacation footage throughout the last five years has found its way into many of our educational videos. Since we have found we shoot for many titles geared to the agricultural market, we just find ourselves drawn to take shots with those types of videos in mind.

*I’ve never used these programs so I don’t know exactly how they work and can’t really recommend them. You’ll have to research them if you’re interested in downloading and purchasing.


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