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How To Make Money With YouTube Videos

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To make some money on YouTube, you have to be a part of the Youtube Partnership Program.

Even though it’s free to join, not everyone can become a partner easily. You have to meet these requirements (from YouTube website):

  • You create original videos suitable for online streaming.
  • You own or have express permission to use and monetize all audio and video content that you upload—no exceptions.
  • You regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users, or you publish popular or commercially successful videos in other ways (such as DVDs sold online).

When you click the Apply Now button, you will get a message on the likelihood or not of you being accepted. YouTube states, “In evaluating applications, we look at various factors including but not limited to the popularity of the user’s videos, number of subscribers, the user’s involvement with the YouTube community, and the user’s track record of compliance with the YouTube terms of service.”

YouTube does not give specific numbers as to number of videos, views or subscribers, but upon doing some research, it seems to be that you need between 500 to 700 subscribers to your channel, have a LOT of videos posted, and post consistently and regularly.

How do YouTube Partners earn money?
You earn money through revenue-sharing from relevant ads overlaid on your videos and banner ads running next to your videos. Or you can make your videos available for rental via streaming. This is still in beta mode last I checked but there are some channels participating in that program. You can also get co-marketing & branded entertainment opportunities with top brand advertisers if you choose to go that path.

How much can you make?
It really varies and because partners are requested to not disclose their earnings, it’s tough to get real numbers. It is similar to AdSense in that if your ads are relevant to your subject matter, you most likely will have more clickthroughs which will generate more ad revenue. That being said, there are a few dozen vloggers who have disclosed that they make over $100,000 annually.

To be honest, I’ve just started to look into this as a way to generate some additional income with my videos. We became curious about it when we noticed how some YouTube channels had nice banners at the top and clickable logos and we wanted to do that for our channel. We discovered from a connection on LinkedIn, that you had to be a partner to get that functionality.

Since one of the requirements is publishing “popular or commercially successful videos in other ways (such as DVDs sold online)”, you can bet we’re going to start posting to our HowToSellVideos channel much more regularly. We will also investigate this much more in depth and report back to you as we learn more about it.

If you haven’t been to our HowToSellVideos channel, I encourage you to go and subscribe. If you have a channel out there, send us a friend request and we’ll return the favor!

Note: The YouTube Partnership program has changed since I wrote this post. Now all users can have the option to monetize their individual videos.


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