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Successful Web Video Blogs: 3 Tips For Posting And Promoting

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Web video blogging success relies on content and promotion

You’ve made a web video blog in order to make money on your videos and you’re ready to announce it to the world. Here are a few tips I recommend you do before and after you launch it in order to increase its chances for success and to make your work – and life – easier.

Produce enough content

Make sure you’re producing enough content to keep your vlog going for awhile. If you don’t add content on a regular basis, your vlog will die a slow death. When you first start to create one, and your enthusiasm is high, is the time to really actively shoot and produce videos for the web.

At first, especially if making web video is new for you, you may find it takes a more time to create your video than it does to sit down and type out an article, especially if you are going to spend some time editing, adding an audio track, etc. So, before you go live with your video blog, make sure you have enough content to carry you though several months worth of posts.

Here’s what I do:

I like to plan in advance what I’m going to shoot and how many videos I can make with that footage. I write down and roughly script out, in a notepad I always carry with me, what I’m going to shoot and how I will get the most out of the location or studio shooting session. When I’m downloading/capturing the footage, I log and categorize it. Then I edit several small videos in one session. Batching your work in this way is a real time saver. Taking the time to name them well and be organized is very important also.

Short is best

The great news is that with web video, the shorter the better. It’s positive because you can get a lot more material out of your footage than you may think at first. So when you’re taping, keep that in mind and again, have a plan. Remember, each video can cover a different subject, topic or angle. If you shoot 30-60 minutes of well-planned material, you can easily edit 30 small videos, which if you post once or twice a week, will give you content for 4 to 6 months!

Remember, video blogs become successful through continuously adding new content. If you’re making videos about a topic that you love, and you’re organized and have a workable strategy, keeping an up-to-date vlog should be fun and not overwhelming. Using a blog platform such as WordPress enables you to upload several video posts at the same time and set them to publish in the future. That way, you can also batch your uploading, doing a couple of week’s posting in one sitting.

Promote your video blog

Next, you have to promote your video blog. Just launching it won’t get you seen, you’ll need to first let the world know that it exists! A few ways you can do this is through signing up with blog aggregation sites such as Technorati, self-promoting through email (start with friends and family if you don’t have a targeted subscriber list), sharing posts in social media sites and search engine optimization.

When you start promoting your vlog, you’ll probably see a lot of interest from your audience at first, but to keep it going, and making you money, you have to add new content regularly or your viewers will lose interest and stop coming to your site.

Make sure you add tags to your video blog so it can be found in search engines. Tags are another word for keywords or search terms that the search engines use to index your content.

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  1. Mike King says:

    Nice to learn from both of you. I WILL need your services. Just gotta stop

    the const biz!!! My websites are parked! I’ve had 2 for a year & ahalf

    PARKED!! Need 2 desperatly get goin. I’m glad we met, Mike


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