Monday, December 11, 2017

How To Sell Your Videos: Your Ideal Customer

Ideal Customer

Who is your ideal customer?

How To Sell Your Videos: Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Last week I gave you an exercise to come up with a list of 5 potential topics on which to produce your special interest video.

Now let’s talk about your ideal customer and why you need to create a profile of this person.

Because potential customers come in all sizes, shapes, and spending profiles – and because ideal customers don’t come with their profiles stapled to their shirts – your challenge is to first identify which ones are the most likely to become your best customers and then to figure out how to reach and attract them.

Unless your time and marketing dollars have no limit, the best use of those resources is to target the people most likely to buy your videos and market to them. Identifying customers and using targeted marketing and advertising strategies delivers a much greater payoff than just peppering the internet or other outlets with your product and hoping someone will purchase.

Here are a few questions to ask as you create a picture of this person. (Don’t worry if you can’t answer all of the questions right now – just give it your best shot.) I’ve put together a downloadable worksheet which you can access and complete.

  • Who do you think your best customers will be?
  • Are they individuals or businesses?
  • If they’re individuals, what do they like? What don’t they like? What are their needs and problems?
  • How will those needs and problems be best addressed with your video?
  • What’s most important to your best customers?
  • What’s least important to them?
  • How will you provide more of the former and less of the latter?

Once you get going on this, you’ll probably come up with other questions.

Now based on these questions develop a written description of your ideal customer.

What this does for you is to get you thinking about what this specific person would be dealing with and the way you would approach them. It doesn’t mean other people who don’t exactly fit the profile would not be good customers for you at all, most likely they’ll buy too, but it does help you craft a message to a group of people who will think you are speaking directly to them. And that is powerful stuff.

Next post, we’ll we end this how to sell your videos series with ideas on how to find these ideal customers, your target audience.

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