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How To Sell Your Videos: Live Your Vision

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How To Sell Your Videos Live Your Vision

To Envision Your Dreams Is The First Step To Making Them Real

Last week, I introduced some very powerful exercises and techniques to get you in the right frame of mind to start selling your videos. In Monday’s post, I asked you to envision your ideal customer using this downloadable exercise. Do you have a better idea of what topics you want to produce and sell and what your ideal customer is and what would motivate them to buy your video?

Creating Your Vision Board

I’m going to have you do some imagery. To help you with this exercise, you need to put together all of your old magazines you were going to recycle. If you don’t have any, see if you can get some from neighbors, friends, maybe your local library.

Now imagine your life as an independent and successful SIV producer five years from now. To help you with this, cut out all the words and photos from the magazines that describe your values and dream lifestyle and what you want.

What is your dream life like? Where do you live, what is your house like? Do you get to travel a lot? What are the material possessions you want to have? What do you do when you wake up in the morning? How do you spend your days? Write all of this down.

Now we’re going to go forward to today and for each of those years, write down what steps you need to take each of those years to get to the life you imagined.

Crunching the Numbers

Next, think about how much money do you need to live the kind of life you aspire to? Is it $100,000? $400,000? Imagine that you are making that. Write that down.

We’re going to do some fun calculations now. How many items and at what price do you need to sell to get that salary range? This is easy math. If your product sells for $50 and you want to make $100,000, then you need to sell 2,000 copies. If you have an online store that is open every day then you need to average 5 or 6 sales per day to make $100,000. Can you do that?

Live Your Dream

What I’m trying to get you to do is to add form to your dream. Break it down into doable steps to put some feet to it. If you can see a goal in your future and you see how each of the steps can be attained, you WILL start to move toward it. If you can’t see it and don’t believe you can do it, guess what? You’re right.

I Did It, You Can Too!

I’m not writing this from some holier-than-thou position. It took a long time for me to let go of a nicely paid, reliable job with a steady paycheck to become a successful and satisfied self-employed SIV producer. In fact, I have a confession.

The only way I ended up leaving it was getting laid off, which was very frightening and devastating at the time.

However, it was because of that I was given the opportunity to work with a local non-profit helping people who were dealing with unemployment. And they had us do an exercise I felt was so grade schoolish but in fact turned out to be a profound changing point for me.

We had to do the exercise I just put you through and come up with a vision board. I was shocked when I had it done and saw how much of it was focused on having my own video business. Now I am equally shocked at how much of it has come to pass because I did one thing that most people never do. I took the first step.

Are YOU ready to take that first step?

If you are ready, I encourage you to sign up for your free access to our How To Sell Your Videos Starter Kit so you can get started. It won’t cost you anything to see how I do it and how you can do it too.

Enter your name and email for immediate access and discover how you too can shoot it once then sell it for years! Begin Your Special Interest Video Publishing Business TODAY!


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