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Facebook Marketing Strategy: How To Use Facebook In Your Business

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Question: If someone can explain Facebook to me in a rational business sense I’d love to hear it.

This question was posted on the Bill Myers Online forum to which I responded. You may be asking that same question as well. Here is what I shared on the forum.

At first I didn’t really get how to use Facebook in a business capacity even though I kept reading how I needed to. So Kim and I set out to learn about how we can implement it in our marketing strategy efficiently and successfully without it being a huge time waster. After a few years of getting to know what this free resource can do for me, I feel I can confidently give you a few practical examples that have worked for us.

Finding and connecting with your target market

Assume your competition has a Facebook Business Page, Fan Page, Group, whatever. They have many “friends” on their page. So you begin to request to be friends with their friends. In your posts, you put your business in your signature line. They become familiar with your name and business signature. You subtly begin to post messages that intrigue them to look at your pages. Voila! You have exposed your competition’s followers to your product or service and are on your way to building a relationship with them.

I have set up quite a few Facebook Groups and Fan Pages. I can directly message members of my groups in a mass email blast. I have created a lot of sales from this. Here is a group I set up around a book my father wrote, which is very popular in Florida, A Land Remembered Fan Club.  I use this group to announce new products, sales, etc. to the almost 500 members.

Many times after I’ve done this, I see orders in my inbox.

Collecting testimonials

Also, if your “friends” like your product, they will often post positive comments, which serve as unsolicited testimonials for you.

If you are a blogger, like I am, you can set it up so that your blog posts go to your Fan Page, like my How To Sell Your Videos Page.

Expand your exposure

You also can get more exposure, more efficiently in all your social media sites. Some of the things I do there is set it up so that all of my Twitter Tweets are posted on my Facebook wall

Save time

I use a program called Social Oomph that allows you to load in hundreds of pre-scheduled Tweets (premium, paid service). You can be on vacation or away from a computer and be Twittering/Facebooking like crazy with this program, which keeps you active while you’re away from the computer. If you are writing your Tweets carefully, you’ll be building your business.

It took me a long time to see the value in this, but it really is working for me now.

Facebook “Like” Buttons

Another good way to use Facebook is to put Facebook “Like” buttons on your blog or website. When people click the “Like” button, it announces to all of their friends that they “Like” that page on your blog. If the friends are curious, they’ll go to your blog to find out what it is about. Free traffic is generated by your friend “liking” your blog entry.

For example, I just built the online art gallery for a client. I put the FacebookLike plugin on the WordPress site. Then I went in and clicked Like on several of the paintings. That became an announcement on my Facebook Profile, so all of my 680+ friends saw that. If they were curious, they were able to click directly to the art gallery. I saw a huge immediate jump in traffic to her site when I did this.

And don’t forget to “like” your own posts too!

Getting help to promote your business

I discovered a great way to use Facebook to make one of my jobs easier by using it to gather other people’s media which I can use in my promotions. You see, I am the PR/Advertising coordinator for a local Renaissance Festival . I set up a Facebook Group for that event, which now has almost 600 members. Initially I did it to announce news, like when advance tickets are available online, what the entertainment lineup is, calls for volunteer help, etc.

Right after the event people started posting their photos. I asked people to send me links to the photo albums they created after the event. Now I have dozens of photo albums with hundreds of photos of the event, which I’ll put on the event’s website as promotion for next year’s event. All free of charge.

Meet potential business partners

Finally,  I have made friends with complete strangers on Facebook and we are now going into joint ventures together.

So even though I came to Facebook at first to only connect with new and old friends, I’ve been finding some great ways to use it to effectively market my business. So wade in and give it a try yourself.


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