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Make Money With Your Vacation Videos: Create A Web Video Blog

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It’s easy and fun to create a free web video blog of your vacation footage and reach out to interested audiences, show off your work and make some cash in the process.

So how do you make money from your video blog? Here are just a few ideas.

1) You can make some money from your videos through Google AdSense and other advertising avenues like Kontera. Of all the sites we have AdSense on, by far the most revenue comes from the ones we’ve set up for travel destinations.

2) Sign up with affiliate sites such as Amazon Associates, Clickbank and Commission Junction. Then put the links to products on your site. If people click through your link and purchase, you get a small commission.

If you set up affiliate links, make sure to do your research and choose products that are related to your vlog to increase your chances for income.

3) You can sell merchandise. You can set up storefronts with or and sell travel related merchandise or merchandise related to the vacation destinations or topics of your videos.

4) You may even find video blogging to be your forte and may want to consider doing it professionally. If you do, most likely you’ll want to pursue guest posting on other blogs which is a great way to build up an audience, and traffic, for your blog.

5) You can also do what we do and include videos topically related to your business, which can indirectly generate more customers and clients.

Video blogging is a fun way to make some money on your vacation video footage. There are numerous opportunities to make passive income either directly or indirectly from your vlog are numerous.

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3 Responses to “Make Money With Your Vacation Videos: Create A Web Video Blog”
  1. Bert Grimm says:

    I like this idea and now that the iPod Touch is a mean little Video Studio it takes on a much larger aspect.


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