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Video Marketing – 3 More Tips To Improve Your YouTube Social Media Impact

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In a previous post on how to improve your YouTube Social Media Impact we talked about how YouTube has many of the same powerful features of other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. People can follow your business by subscribing to your channel, interact with you by commenting on your videos and your channel, become friends, share your videos with friends, etc.

Here are 3 more tips to keep in mind when you’re using YouTube in your social media strategies

Monitor And Reply To All Comments

When posting, be sure to set your video options to allow comments. Then make a practice of replying back to all comments left by your viewers in a timely manner. YouTube makes it easy for you to do this by letting you set your account to send you emails when people post a comment. That way you’ll see very quickly what was said and you can respond accordingly.

Not only will you get general comments or questions, you may also get objectionable or unfavorable responses when you allow this feature so it is even more important to make sure your set to get emails as viewers weigh in on your video. That way, you not only can respond, you can quickly delete the ones you wish.

My practice is to get rid of comments that use bad language or are spammy in nature, such as someone trying to promote their channel or some unrelated product. I don’t always delete the critical comments though. Rather I look at this as a way to start a dialogue with the viewer and open lines of communication and hopefully educate them more about the topic of the video. Because I encourage comments, I want my viewers to know they’ll be heard even if it may not be something I want to hear. Of course, if talking to the person doesn’t work and only flames the fire, I would probably take it out of the public’s view and respond privately via email.

Encourage Those Who Comment To Visit Your Site

You’ll find that many comments will be for information. What a perfect way to answer their question and then encourage them to visit your site for additional help to their questions. You are also able to email them privately so you will want to make sure to include your marketing message, which should include your website link, in your signature line of that email.

Subscribe To Other People’s Channels And Comment On Their Videos

Just as commenting on other individual’s blogs increases your exposure to their readers, you can do the same in YouTube. You can also “friend” them as well. One of the benefits of signing up for someone’s channel, is getting notifications of when they add a new video.

Again, the more you are open and encouraging others to connect with you, the greater chance you will have to develop a relationship with them. This is one more powerful and free avenue for your customers to get to know you and possibly do business with you in the future.


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