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Tips For YouTube: Promote Your eBay Listing Using YouTube

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YouTube Logo TipsIn my recent series of tips for YouTube, we covered using YouTube to drive traffic to your website, how to complete your listing for maximum exposure, and how to harness its social media power. In this post, I’m going to go over a technique we used combining it with successful eBay selling. Pay attention, as this can have a positive effect on your eBay sales, particularly for complex items, such as electronics, cameras, etc.

Posting a YouTube video of your eBay listing

We just started doing this with some video equipment we were selling and it worked really well. In fact it worked so well we’re perturbed we hadn’t done it on earlier!

The first listing we tried this on was our Canon GL2 camera. We made a short video showing all the equipment we were selling, how it worked, where the wear was on the camera (in this case, replaced screws), and the extras you would get for free if you chose the Buy It Now option. Then we posted it on YouTube, making sure the title indicated it was an eBay item.

In the eBay listing, we just added the link to our sales copy. I wasn’t able to make the link clickable (I don’t know if eBay has that capability but I’m going to dig in and investigate that for the future) but at least the interested buyer could copy and paste the link into their browser to watch it. This was one more way they were able to get a better view of what they would be bidding on. Plus since I was on camera, they could see and hear me talk about the camera like they would if I sold it to them in person. I think it really fostered a sense of trust in the buyer that they would know what they were getting.

Cross promote your listing with a YouTube video

We also benefited from the YouTube posting because we received traffic to our eBay listing from there since I added the eBay link in the information area. Because it was clearly stated in the video title that we had a GL2 listed on eBay, viewers wishing to purchase such an item could easily find it in a search. I discovered that there was less competition for the query terms “GL2” and “eBay” on YouTube than on Google or even eBay. So that increased the chances that my video would be viewed.

Adding that it was on sale at eBay also brought people to my listing already in the mindset to buy.

Promote on other social media sites

The next thing I did was pepper my FB, Twitter and Linkedin sites with posts about my eBay listing. Some of these posts directed them to eBay and some directed them to YouTube. Every time I did this, I saw the views in eBay double.

So we did it again on another GL2 we were selling. Same thing happened.

In conjunction with good copy and photos on the listing, this technique worked really well. We not only sold everything very quickly, we did so at higher price points than other auctions occurring at the same time.

Caveat: I don’t know if the people who bought the cameras directly came from these efforts but it sure increased my exposure. I have asked the winning bidders if that was the case but have not heard back yet. My gut feeling is the strategy DID play a role since there were several other GL2s available at lower price points that went unsold at the same time my listing was active.

This strategy should work well with Craigslist postings too. It’s all about creating trust and answering questions before they are even asked. We are going to try this with the videos and books we sell on eBay and see how it works with those types of items. We’ll report these findings in future tips for YouTube posts.


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