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Landing Page Relevancy: Why Is This So Important?

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Landing Page Relevancy

Make sure you send your customer to a relevant landing page

You may wonder why I feel landing page relevancy is so important. Well, today I saw an article and clicked through a link that interested me. It was about a new line of video tripods that are designed for lightweight cameras, particularly the digital SLRs, of which I am a new owner. I was definitely interested in the product and might have even been a customer.

Except …

When I clicked the link I was not taken to the page about that tripod! Instead, I was taken to a very busy home page with tons of products and I had no clue where to go to see the new tripods. So guess what I did?

I clicked off.

They lost me because somewhere along the way, someone got too lazy to give me the exact link to the product they were writing about. Or maybe they just didn’t understand that the key to converting lookers into buyers is to have a landing page be relevant to the article topic or search term.

Why is landing page relevancy so important?

Someone took the time to write about these tripods and direct traffic to the article. They succeeded in gaining my interest, but because they failed to get me where they wanted me to go, they lost me as a potential customer.

And it would have been so easy to direct me to the correct landing page.

You can’t expect your web visitors to have the patience or determination to drill down through your website to find what they are looking for if you send them to a home page. You’re lucky if you can keep them there a few seconds, and unless they are super interested in your product, they will leave as quickly as they got there if they don’t see what they are looking for right away.

Don’t make these expensive mistakes in your marketing.

Recently, a company I know made a very expensive mistake in a poorly planned email campaign. They spent $4,000 renting an academic mailing list of people within a niche topic (agricultural education), except that they ranged from university professors, chemical engineers and scientists to high school teachers. That was mistake #1 because most of the names were not potential customers for their high school level videos. Then they committed mistake #2 by sending them a boring and unenthusiastic email that sent them to mistake #3. The final nail in the coffin was mistake #3, which was directed them to their home page, which had nothing to do with the product the were trying to promote and in fact was badly in need of updating.

The result? No sales; not even one.

And mistake #4 is that they concluded that email campaigns don’t work in their market. I had to tell them that that kind of email wouldn’t have worked in ANY market. It was a waste of money at a time when they really could not afford it, and now they are turned off to email marketing. Sad.

The lesson here is whether your link comes from an article, a paid ad, pay-per-click advertising or a blog post, be sure to send your visitors to the EXACT THING they searched for. Don’t just assume that people will “get” what they should do when they land on your site. We’re so used to being directed in our society; people love and expect clear direction.

It isn’t that hard to create a special landing page so that the information you present is exactly what they want. It’s like walking into a department store and instantly finding the exact thing you are looking for. You will see a significant boost in sales when you master and practice landing page relevancy.


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