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Increase Your Web Traffic Using YouTube With These Three Strategies

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Curious as to how you can increase your web traffic using YouTube? Here are three more tips from my series on using YouTube to drive traffic to your site.

Promote your YouTube channel in all your business communications

These are just a few suggestions for promoting your YouTube channel in your business communications.

  1. Display your link to your YouTube channel in your email signature along with your marketing message and other information.
  2. Encourage your web visitors through a link on your blog so people can subscribe to your channel. Your blog program probably has this available and it can be added as a widget.
  3. Many social bookmarking sites, like Digg, let you connect your YouTube channel to theirs.
  4. Add it to your business card and any other offline direct mail you do.

Why would you want to do this as it seems a round about way to get people to your site? I see it as another channel for your customers and clients to reach you. That way if they haven’t signed up for your email list, they’ll be able to follow you through YouTube. Many people are hesitant to give their email addresses because their in-boxes are overwhelmed and are turning to other social media sites or avenues to stay informed.

“Drip” your videos to your channel

You may think that the best way YouTube will bring viewers to your site is by having a video go viral and get a million views. That’s great when it happens but don’t count on it. You can still have your videos be a powerful driver if this doesn’t happen to you by steadily posting new videos. YouTube is a very large search engine and, like Google, craves fresh content.

Once your viewers subscribe to your channel, every time they log into YouTube, they are shown recent channel activity. You want yours to be one of the first ones they see. Also your subscribers can sign up to be notified when you’ve uploaded a new video – another way you can remain in front of them.

So if you have a series of videos to post, don’t post them all at once. Do it every few days or so to keep the content on your channel fresh and circulating.

Make good use of your information box

Put your URL at the beginning of your information box and before you give your description of what’s on the video. Make sure it is in the correct format that will make it clickable, that is type http:// in front of your URL. I know it doesn’t look pretty but if you write it that way, your viewer is only one click away from your site.

Also use an exciting, attention grabbing and key word rich first sentence. Entice the viewer to watch. Treat it similarly as the meta descriptions you’ve written for on your website and blog posts. And of course, don’t be misleading just to get the viewer to watch. In other words, don’t promise them a hot sex video if that’s not what your video is about. A large majority of viewers are coming to YouTube for information they can use so deliver what you promise. You’ll have more success winning a customer that way.

Consistent practice of these techniques and you’ll see an increase your web traffic as you use YouTube in your marketing campaigns.


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