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How To Sell Your Videos: Getting Started

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It’s always fun and interesting when we tell people what we do, which is “we produce special interest videos (SIV).” Once we explain what this is, nine times out of ten the person will share with us an idea they’ve been thinking of for a video. Recently, we met a man at a party who had a fabulous idea for a SIV. He said that talking to us had crystalized what he wanted to do and that he was so excited to get started that he would call us the next day.

We still haven’t heard from him.

I meet so many people who could do well in this business by producing and selling a video of something they are expert in. I often see a light bulb go off for them when I explain that they could do this and make some real money. Some people have had the vague idea of doing this but didn’t know how to get started and are afraid the process of producing, and especially of selling their product, will be too difficult. So they never get started. As that old Chinese saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.”

Are you like the gentleman at the party? Do you have a great idea you are trying to get produced? My guess is yes, since you’re reading this post. Are you also stuck with how you take that first step?

Here’s a fun exercise to help you take that first step. Get out a clean piece of paper and pen and start by writing the day and year at the top of the page. Take a couple of breaths before you begin. Throw out all of your “no, I can’t, it won’t work, but this is different, I tried that once and it didn’t work, it’s too hard, I’m scared” kind of negative thoughts. I want you to assume there is nothing you cannot do, that there are no limitations on your dreams.

Channel your inner, indomitable 5 year old self as you do this exercise.

Important questions to ask yourself before you start producing videos

Now, ask yourself these questions.

If you want to make a living creating and selling your own SIV videos, what would you want to produce them on? Is it your hobby, your secret desire, a subject that you are fascinated with? What part of this do you enjoy more, producing a video or working on a subject that fascinates you, or perhaps the challenge of marketing it. For me, I love the whole process of video production. I don’t care that much what the topic is, as long as I can produce and sell something that I’m proud to put my name on. I also love the challenge of reaching and selling to my target market.

Remember, there are no limits. Start making a list of the topics you would enjoy making videos on, whether you know how to make a video or not. Say it out loud then write it down, don’t just keep it in your head. You have to make it real. Just assume that the details will be taken care of.

Make a list of at least 5 topics that get you excited. Write detailed descriptions of what the content would be.

You don’t have to do this all in one sitting but do carve out some time this week and work on this. I have a notebook I always carry around for just this sort of brainstorming. I also just recently bought a voice recorder for those times where it’s not convenient to write – like the shower or when I’m driving – both environments I seem to get the most inspiration in.

Keep this list handy because we’re going to talk about the next step to take in the next blog post.

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