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How To Record Yourself: How You Project Yourself Is Key

How To Record Yourself Tips

How you present yourself on video is important

How to record yourself: Putting your best foot forward

If you’re the face of your company, there is no better way to have your customers and clients get to know you than using the power of video. Video not only puts a face with your name, it also builds trust and credibility. It’s as if you’re personally greeting all visitors to your website. And of course, for first time visitors, you want to make the right first impression.

In order to do that, make sure your video is in line with your message. So before you jump in front of the camera, give some thought to what you’re wearing, your background and your camera angle.

You’re going to wear that?!? What you should wear on camera

The type of clothing you wear is very important for the image you wish to project. I recommend matching your style with the style of your company. Yes, it’s important to be yourself but put some thought into how someone who has never seen you before will expect you to look. For example, if you’re a doctor or scientist and want to project authority, then you may want to wear a lab coat. On the other hand, if you’re a CEO of a video game company, most likely your target market will be young boys and men so wearing t-shirts and jeans would probably be just fine.

Whatever you decide to wear, I still think it’s important that your clothing should be unwrinkled, not torn and washed. Also think about other aspects of your “outfit” like baseball caps, crazy hairdos, makeup, etc.

Last year I clicked through to a site for a video software program that caught my eye. Once at the site though, I was really turned off by what I thought were two uneducated men who were wearing rumpled sports t-shirts and their baseball caps backward and joking it up like they were on a talk radio show. Unfortunately their “schtick” made a negative first impression on me; it seemed that they weren’t very professional. It was hard for me to mesh this video with the software. So I clicked off. A year later, I actually met one of the gentlemen (couldn’t forget his goofy video persona). Found out that he is highly respected in the internet marketing industry for this particular software program. Not only that, but when I talked with him, I got the sense that he was a serious business person, not the goofball I first encountered.

You could say that I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions because of his appearance but the fact of the matter is, we all do this. Your prospective customers will certainly do this too. It’s my feeling that in the highly competitive world of the internet, it’s better to be accept this fact of human nature and make sure you’re branding yourself appropriately.

Oh and ladies? Be careful you don’t show too much cleavage if you want to come across as professional. (Unless of course you’re that type of professional!)

And stay away from wearing red. Digital cameras still have a hard time with that color.

What’s that coming out of your head? Watch your shooting environment

The environment you record yourself in is important too.

Stay away from cluttered, messy backgrounds. The next time you’re shooting, tape yourself first then take a look at it with an objective eye. Is a lamp sprouting from your head? Is the picture frame behind you crooked? If you’re outside, is your face speckled with sunlight coming through the trees or is your face too dark? (The latter may be helped with a reflector bouncing some light in.) Is your desk messy? Do you look like you’re in a college dorm room? Or a corporate office?

Shooting in the appropriate background will help your viewers get the correct image of you and not be distracted from your message.

How many chins do you have? Watch your camera angle

If you set your camera low and are looking down at the lens, you will probably not like what you see. Cameras do seem to add pounds and at that angle – chins! A more flattering camera angle is setting the camera slightly above you. That way your neck will be more elongated. If you’re using a web cam built in to your camera, try to sit a bit lower as well.

These are just some of the techniques we use when we are videotaping individuals in our business. If you’re doing this on your own, it’s important to know how to record yourself so you’ll project what you want to project to your potential customers and clients.


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