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Looking For A Still Camera That Shoots HD Video? Meet The Canon Rebel EOS T2i Digital SLR

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I’ve been intently following all the buzz about using a digital SLR to shoot video, but have held off on purchasing one until now. We just jumped in and bought the Canon Rebel EOS T2i digital SLR camera and I couldn’t be happier as you see in this video. For $850 (my local photo store still honored my $50 rebate), this is a fantastic option for still photography and HD video. I’ve never been so excited about a camera, still or video, and I’ve been a camera nut for about 40 years.

A while back I shot a movie trailer for a client with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, which is the digital SLR (DSLR) that really got the world’s attention as a viable candidate not only for shooting HD video, but as a great DSLR camera to eventually take the results back out to film. It makes really beautiful images but was a very quirky camera to use for video. You truly can get a film look with this camera, but it was difficult to get consistent exposure and ISO control. The Canon T2i digital SLR elegantly handles all of the exposure controls and offers a very broad range of customizations which are easy to dial in as I show you in this video.

With the 5D Mark II you absolutely need to record separate audio. With the Canon T2i you can add an external mic, but it still only has auto gain control, so for serious audio you will still want to record separately to something like the Zoom H4n.

On the 4th of July, I took it out with me on a little hike and shot this video with it. This was all handheld and we are still just getting to know the camera, but I am really excited about the images it is getting and the possibilities of shooting both beautiful still images and stunning HD video.


5 Responses to “Looking For A Still Camera That Shoots HD Video? Meet The Canon Rebel EOS T2i Digital SLR”
  1. Bert Grimm says:

    Thanks for that review Rick, I have been looking at that camera too. One question, the sound was good with some wind noise, what did you use to record the audio? I don’t want to have to synch to a Zoom if that is the only alternative.


    • Rick Smith says:

      We just used the on-camera mic for that shot. We went up there with the intention of just taking a day off and going on a hike so doing this little video was an afterthought. Turned out pretty good for a run and gun type of thing. Kim used a rock for a tripod.

  2. rudatalapremji says:

    Pl. guide me how can i do more than one hour continue recording ? condition is
    no power supply for battery charging.


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