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Canon T2i Review: Best Still And Video Camera For The Money

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What I like best about the Canon T2i is just the plain fact that it’s the both a still and video camera. Why is that great? I don’t have to take two cameras with me!

I just finished a two-camera video shoot at a Renaissance Festival last weekend. Although it was a simple shoot, it required several C-stands, reflectors, grip arms, french flag, two cameras, shotgun mic, tripods, etc. I had a still photographer on the set to take photos of both the talent and the production crew of three people. It was a lot of work just carrying and setting up that equipment, and we were far from inconspicuous.

Next week I’m taking a vacation and I’m just taking along my new Canon EOS Rebel T2i . I’m still getting used to the fact that this lightweight, small, well engineered camera is both a very competent still camera and an outstanding high definition video camera. I’m amazed at the fact that this one camera does it all…and at a price well below $1000. I’m really looking forward to learning more about it which I’ll share with you in future posts.


10 Responses to “Canon T2i Review: Best Still And Video Camera For The Money”
  1. jules says:

    Great camera, I spent a little more on the canon 60d, love the flip out monitor for filming yourself and low angles.

  2. It’s great camera,and it’s featured are so good,i like very much Canon T2i!


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