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How To Sell Your Videos: Getting Started

Make Money Selling Your Own Videos DVD

It’s always fun and interesting when we tell people what we do, which is “we produce special interest videos (SIV).” Once we explain what this is, nine times out of ten the person will share with us an idea they’ve been thinking of for a video. Recently, we met a man at a party who had a fabulous idea for a SIV. He said that talking to us had crystalized what he wanted to do and that he was so excited to get started that he would call us the next day.

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How To Record Yourself: How You Project Yourself Is Key

How To Record Yourself Tips

How you present yourself on video is important

How to record yourself: Putting your best foot forward

If you’re the face of your company, there is no better way to have your customers and clients get to know you than using the power of video. Video not only puts a face with your name, it also builds trust and credibility. It’s as if you’re personally greeting all visitors to your website. And of course, for first time visitors, you want to make the right first impression. Click here to continue reading

Landing Page Relevancy: Why Is This So Important?

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Landing Page Relevancy

Make sure you send your customer to a relevant landing page

You may wonder why I feel landing page relevancy is so important. Well, today I saw an article and clicked through a link that interested me. It was about a new line of video tripods that are designed for lightweight cameras, particularly the digital SLRs, of which I am a new owner. I was definitely interested in the product and might have even been a customer.

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