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Video Marketing – 3 Tips To Improve Your YouTube Social Media Impact

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YouTube is not only a free video sharing site or the second top search engine, it also is a social media site like Facebook and Twitter. People can sign up to follow you, comment on your videos, comment on your channel, become your subscribers and friends, share your videos with friends, etc. So when you’re using YouTube in your business, you want to make sure you tap into this use as well.

Here are 3 tips to improve your YouTube social media impact.

Complete your profile

Make sure your profile on your channel is complete. This should be the first step you take BEFORE you post any videos. Write your profile consistent with your other profiles on your other social media sites, such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Here is what you definitely need to have in your profile:

  • A professional photo that looks the same as your other social media sites. You want people to get to know you and what you look like in a professional capacity.
  • A well thought out brief description of your business with your marketing message and benefits you offer as well as your free giveaway.
  • Your website address.
  • Personal details and interests. You may be hesitant to share your personal details and interests but you should share what you feel comfortable sharing. People like to do business with people who they feel are real and who they relate to.
Invite viewers to subscribe to your channel

Within your profile description and information box of each video, invite your viewers to subscribe to your channel. We are so used to being given direction and most respond to that. Give them a great reason to do so. Once they are subscribed, they’ll get notifications every time you post a new video. This is where offering many how to videos becomes powerful and a great way for you to become an expert in your niche.

Invite viewers to share your videos on their blogs and with others

Again, within your information box of your video, invite your viewers to share your videos with others. Most people know they can do this if you haven’t set the option to keep them from doing it but giving them permission takes away all hesitancy they may feel. It also gives them a gentle reminder.

Of course, make sure you have your contact information on each video (more about that in future posts) so that once your video is shared, the new viewers can find your business and YouTube channel if they are interested in learning more.

Again, consider giving them a great reason to do so by offering them something of value as a gift for sharing. Have them send you an email if they’ve shared your video to get their gift. That gets them actively emailing you and gets them into your marketing funnel. The more active someone is in connecting with you, the greater chance you can develop a relationship with them.


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