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Video Marketing – 3 Essential Steps To Get Found On YouTube

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Because YouTube has become the 2nd most used search engine behind Google, it’s become an important component in driving free traffic to your website. But to do this you want to describe and post your YouTube videos for best results to even be viewed.

Here are 3 steps you need to pay attention to and have in place before you post your video on YouTube.

Have a great headline

When you upload, your video to YouTube, the name of your video is automatically entered in the headline space. Don’t just keep that name though! You want people to watch your video don’t you? Even though the name may be a good description of what they’ll see, you also want to entice people to view it.

Use strong keywords and power words in this headline. Assume you posted a promo video for your dog training video series. You could say this:

Dog Training Promo Video

Pretty descriptive but kind of ho hum and boring. Besides, they are at YouTube so stating that it’s a video is redundant, don’t you think? Change it to this:

Dog Training – Teach Your Dog To Heel In 3 Easy Steps

See the difference?

People love tips, steps, techniques and this headline speaks to that. It also includes a strong keyword – dog training – as well as the power word, “your.”

This headline is also searched by Google so spend some time and come up with a good one.

Use good keywords

YouTube calls these tags. One way to search for good keywords is to use Google’s Keyword External Tool.

Keywords should be pertinent to the content of the video. Don’t use words not related just to get a viewer’s attention. They will see right through that and having them click off your video within seconds is not what you want them to do! You want targeted traffic looking at your video. In this case, you want people who have unruly dogs who need help training them. These are the people who will most likely buy your program.

Use these keywords in your information box

Google and YouTube search this information box as well so make sure that within this area you entice the viewer to watch the video by telling them the benefits they will receive. In this context, you will sprinkle your keywords throughout. But don’t just type your list of keywords! You want this to be readable and make sense.

Think of this information box as an extension of your website and use good copy with links back to your site.

For great ideas on how to do this for your business, you can look at our YouTube channel – YouTube.com/HowToSellYourVideos to see how we do this. Two other great marketers who do this well are Lou Bortone at YouTube.com/lbpromo and Jessica Swanson – YouTube.com/JessicaSwanson.


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