Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Using Social Media Sites For Business: How It Can Help You Grow

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There are many great business reasons to participate in social media sites. The top 3 we are active in – Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, have all been excellent tools in helping our business grow and have proven to be time well spent. The connections we’ve made have been invaluable, and the fact that the cost is so attractive (free) makes it very worthwhile.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to write about how you can benefit from using social media sites for business. If you’ve been on the fence about investing the time to join in or are reluctant, here are my first three reasons you should seriously get on board with this powerful new integration of technology, telecommunications and social interaction.

Twitter’s Real-Time Trending Topics

I love Twitter‘s trending topic feature. Many times when I’ve logged onto the site, I discover news as it’s happening way before we turn on the nightly news on our television. But that’s not why I like it for my business.

I see trending topics not only as an excellent source of ideas for possible products to offer in my business but it is a rich source of subjects for blog articles. Because I’m able to be among the first to share important information with my customers, friends and followers, it positions me up as a valuable resource. It also is great to use in timely marketing messages.

Discover Excellent Resources

Not one day goes by that I don’t click on a link from my connections and discover valuable resources, websites or information that I would never have thought of looking for or probably even found through a Google search. That’s why it’s imperative you connect with and follow good contacts and people for your business on these sites. For example, I discovered several more video distribution companies this way. I’ve also found many other video sharing sites and some great information products that are useful in my business.

Get Access To Other Experts And Ideas

Watching what people post is not the only way my business has been helped. I found that asking a question is one of the best ways to elicit replies or comments. People just really want to help! Of course, the savvy ones know that if they help you, your network may pay attention and seek them out for a resource. I see that as a total win/win, by the way.

Because of the real-time features of these sites, you get help and answers really quickly. Forums are good places to ask questions but you may not get an answer right away. You can ask specific questions in a Google search but you may get hundreds of thousands of possible answers to sift through. With Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook, I’ve received answers regarding some technical questions I was grappling with as well as feedback for blog posts I’ve written. I’ve conducted quick surveys and even if the questions I asked weren’t at times business related, I found that I started communications with people who have turned into customers…and vice versa.

So, if you’re using these social media sites for business and have found them helpful to your bottom line, what has worked best for you? Please share your thoughts below.

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