Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Shooting A New Promotional Video: Lessons Learned While Sitting On The Pot

This is a YouTube video we created and just completed for a local company. It was a great creative endeavor and although we’ve been in the video production business for over 12 years, we always are learning something new. This project was no different. During the course of being hired through finishing it, this is what we discovered.

1) Companies are producing promotional videos strictly to go to the web. This company hired us for a YouTube video campaign. They don’t plan on airing this on any television stations. Of course, their hope is that these videos will go viral, increase their exposure to potential new customers and  boost their sales as a result.

There is no guarantee that the videos will go viral or even if they did, that more viewers will get them more customers but we’re working with them to enhance their success by creating videos that appeal to their target market (70% of their customers are women), are humorous (this product just screams for a funny approach) and using social media and search engine optimization techniques.

2) It’s not just large companies that are investing in web video campaigns. If they choose this route, many will pay videographers to get quality productions they might not have in the past because they won’t have the added expense of air time. This opens up wonderful opportunities for small town video companies.

We don’t live in a metropolitan area however, we’re now working with two local companies with sales $20 million+ that see the value of using web video to promote their products. One also will use the videos on their website to demonstrate how to use it with the intent of reducing the hours spent answering customer questions.

If you’re in the industry, consider offering this service. Don’t let the technology of delivering web video stop you. In our earlier post why we are sold on Amazon S3 and eZs3 for hosting our videos, we talk about what we do and resources we use. We think demand for this is only going to grow.

Also if you get your chops up on marketing, search engine optimization, etc. like we teach you, this will set you apart from other businesses. They desperately need help in this area.

3) Video productions to go to the web don’t have some of the restrictions of those going to television and can be really creative and fun to do. When you aren’t worried about time slots, i.e, 30 or 60 seconds, you’re free to focus on content and the message. Of course, you do want to keep them short since viewers tend to not have long attention spans.

4) We really love using HD. We’re selling all of our standard definition cameras within the next few weeks. If you can swing this on your budget, it truly is the way to go. Even the quality of our UltraHD Flip camera is amazing at a price point of $199.

5) You can find very reasonable and good voice talent at www.VoiceTalentNow.com. We paid $50.

6) Sitting on the toilet for over an hour while you shoot a scene hurts your bum! Yep, that’s me in the spot. We shot this at el Colibri, a really nice hotel in our town and had to use their toilet seat. We didn’t think they’d appreciate us messing with their toilets.

We have used this heated toilet seat and it is quite nice. If you’re in the market for one, check them out at www.HeatedToiletSeat.com.


8 Responses to “Shooting A New Promotional Video: Lessons Learned While Sitting On The Pot”
  1. Bert Grimm says:

    You make great points throughout this post and it surely gets my creative juices flowing. I totally agree with your assessment of web video and the growing use of it. For me everything I buy or anywhere I go is researched via video in the instances where it is available. I just bought 2 kayaks based on a short 1 minute video. This market is vast, untapped and constantly increasing and a handle on short high impact video messages coupled with video seo can have enormous benefits to any company.

    • Rick Smith says:

      Thanks, Bert! Just like you, I research practically everything I buy (except goceries) on the internet. It has almost become a compulsion. And the more the merchant can show and tell me, the more likely I am to buy from them.

  2. johnny mars says:

    I completely agree with your assessment of the opportunities out there for web video production. The Internet has nearly destroyed the market for high-budget corporate marketing videos, but now the phoenix is rising in the form of professionally produced web videos (rather than those produced by the guy in accounting with an iPhone). I also appreciate your tip for getting cheap voice-over talent.

    I can’t agree that the video was a “great creative endeavor” and in fact I did not like the jarring ending and I didn’t find it amusing. I did enjoy the camera work and the use of a slider to create luxurious moving images throughout most of the video, but the ending left me disappointed. It associates the image of the toilet seat with embarrassment. I’d think you’d want to move in the opposite direction.

  3. Andrew says:

    Definately some food for thought.
    What standard definition cameras are you selling? Are they ‘broadcast quality’?

    • Rick Smith says:


      We have no standard def cameras for sale right now. We’ll possibly be selling one of our Canon Vixias but those are HD. We have the kit lens for our Canon T2i we’d like to sell.



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