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Want Millions Of Viewers On YouTube? Check Out How These Guys Do It

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As the internet opened the door to many self-made millionaires, YouTube is proving to be a fantastic outlet to showcase talent all over the world. This whole new industry – Internetainment – is a brand new way any person can demonstrate their business, talent and personal style.

Not only is it a place for musicians, actors and poets to find an audience, there are many filmmakers and videographers who are using this medium successfully to show their “stuff.”

This post is about two widely successful and entertaining young videographers, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, who’ve done just that. I introduce you to them so you can check out what they are doing, how they got started and well, frankly, I think you will find them very entertaining. They are also for hire and we contacted them for one of our video clients who has a product we felt would lend itself perfectly to these guys’ comic delivery. (The client hasn’t said yes yet, but we may be able to convince them.)

You may have seen one of their many videos before. By no means one of their highest viewed sketches at 148,299 views, I’m sharing this one because it’s Father’s Day this weekend and I thought you’d enjoy it.

Rhett&Link are a North Carolina-based comedy duo, who has developed an international following through their collection of over 200 web videos at Rhett& Their music videos, non-scripted reality videos, and sketches have been seen over 40 million times, and have been featured on CNN, BBC, Fox News, WGN, TV Guide, G4’s Attack of the Show, Channel 101’s the Fizz, and the homepages of Youtube, Revver, Veoh, iFilm, MSNvideo, the DailyReel, Crackle and other video sites. Rhett&Link have also created original video series for NBC Universal and TV Guide Broadband. They write, shoot, edit and produce almost all of their videos.

Even though they are best known for their internet videos (self-proclaimed “Internetainers”), Rhett&Link are also musicians and filmmakers, and have worked in network television as hosts. They own and operate a video production company, Rhett & Link, Inc.

Check out their YouTube channel at and see how they do it. You may inspired by their fresh and creative use of video.


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