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Why I Love My Teleprompter – And Why You Need One, Too!

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In my imagination I can get in front of the camera and share my wealth of knowledge eloquently and flawlessly. The truth is I can barely get two sentences out without stumbling. I don’t know what it is, because I’ve spoken in front of large crowds often, but that camera just makes me tongue-tied.

Ever wonder how Brian Williams or your local newscasters deliver long strings of information without looking at notes or stumbling? Teleprompters! Think our president can make those great speeches without a hitch? Nope… he uses a teleprompter.

I don’t know why I waited so long, but I finally faced the truth and bought my own teleprompter. I have to say that it is incredibly empowering. I now can write out my video message in advance and deliver it without having to worry where I’m going with my talk, if I’ve left something out, or if I just started going way off topic. I can adjust the speed so that it seems comfortable and natural, and I can highlight sections so that my wife and I can both be on camera and look like we’re as professional as newscasters. It’s great!

Now I don’t hesitate to write out a message that I want to deliver via video, load up the teleprompter, fire up the camera and get ‘er done.

There are a lot of teleprompter options available, from using an iPhone or iPad, to dangling notes from your tripod, to good old fashioned cue cards. The thing I don’t like about off-axis options like cue cards is that you aren’t truly looking at the camera, and that just bothers me. The prompter I bought fits over the camera’s lens so that you are looking directly at the viewer.

If you start shopping for professional teleprompters you’ll often find them in the multiple thousands of dollars, but you don’t need to spend that much. I paid $799 for the Telmax OS-15, a 15 inch prompter, and as you can tell I love it. You can learn more about the teleprompters from ZaPrompt, and yes, I like them so much that I signed up as an affiliate.

If you are doing online video marketing or creating video products for sale, you will find that a teleprompter makes you far more productive and professional on camera. Try it!


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