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Video Marketing – 3 Tips Before You Start Posting On YouTube

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If you are selling a video, or other product or service for that matter, don’t overlook the power of YouTube to drive traffic to your site. It has become the 2nd highest used search engine behind Google. But to use it in this way does require some forethought and behind the scenes knowledge of how YouTube works.

Over the next month, I’m going to be covering some tips for successfully using YouTube to market and sell your videos. When I got started doing it, I did it in a hurry and didn’t really have a plan like I do now. At present I have one YouTube video that has received almost 41,000 views…but we hardly get any traffic back to our site or make many sales from it.

On the other hand, YouTube is one of the highest traffic generators and converters (that is we see a high amount of people who watch our YouTube video and come to our site and then buy the video) for our car detailing DVD, “Keep Your Car Looking New For Pennies A Day,” even though it has only had 7800 views in the 3 years it’s been live. Key reason for that? It’s been picked up by Google and is usually in the top organic rankings in Google when you search for car detailing DVD. Click on Google and type in “Car Detailing DVD” in the search and you’ll see the thumbnail to the YouTube video there on the first page.

Today I’m going to cover 3 basic tips to start.

Make Your Promotional Video Educational
You will get more viewers if your promotional video is educational in nature and not just a commercial. People love to watch how-to videos and learn something new. Your first objective is to have them get to know you, your product and/or your service and how they will benefit from watching this video.

Then while you’re uploading your video in YouTube, select the category Education. If it is more of a how-to do something video, there is the HowTo & Style category that your video may fit in better. Categories are a way for viewers to filter a search when they choose the Browse button so you can get less competition for your video if you categorize it this way.

You may have other types of videos that are more entertaining than educational, or that fit better in other categories, such as News & Politics, Travel & Events, etc. However, if your goal is to introduce your audience to you so they get to know you and want to do business with you, keep those educational.

Build A Channel For Your Business
You may have your own personal YouTube account already, but if you’re going to post your videos on there for business, you’ll want to set up a special channel just for your business. You are going to use the channel in a branding capacity. You can design your channel background to match your website’s look and feel and more importantly, group all your videos together under that channel. You are also able to give much more detail about what it is that you do and have to offer here.

Make Your Videos Public And Shareable
Whenever you post your video, make sure your privacy setting is set to Public. YouTube sets this as the default. Now you may think this is pretty obvious and not worth mentioning, but with all the talk about privacy going on, I thought it needed to be said. I know a few friends who want to share their videos with others but are really skittish about having their videos available to the world. Of course, they aren’t doing it for business; you are.

You want people to find your video on YouTube and on Google. If someone is sending the link to their friends, you want them to be able to view it. If they embed it on their blog, let them do this. In fact, encourage them to share your videos wherever you can, in the information section of the video and on your channel.

That said, make sure your video showcases your business appropriately. You know the old adage, “you only get one chance to make a good first impression.” That works double time when publishing web videos.

Finally, be sure that you have copyright permission for anything you post.

To be honest, we’ve just begun our journey using YouTube for this site and we’ll be sharing what we learn throughout the process. We would love to have you subscribe to our YouTube channel to see how we develop and make it more successful. We’re also looking for your video samples to showcase here as well.


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