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Using YouTube To Host Your Videos? 3 Reasons Why That Is A Bad Idea

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If you’ve been getting our emails, you’ve seen us talking about a new job we have for a local company who has hired us just to shoot videos just for their YouTube channel. We also strongly advocate using YouTube, and other appropriate video sharing sites in your marketing.

That said, I don’t advise using YouTube* as your primary video hosting site. If your business videos are embedded from YouTube you’re setting yourself up for these problems:

You are stuck with their logo. The videos you post from YouTube will display YouTube’s logo. There is no getting around that. Granted, the YouTube logo does disappear as the video plays but if you get the cursor near it, it pops up again. It also displays it when the video is not playing.

The problem with that is the branding issue. It’s promoting YouTube and not your business.

Also having it on there not only promotes YouTube, it makes your site look less professional. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have YOUR logo there anyway? (Tip: every video you post to YouTube should have your contact information on it, if not in the actual video, at least using the annotation feature at YouTube. That way, when it gets embedded somewhere else, your contact information goes with it.)

Sure, you’re getting free hosting and bandwidth, but that may be subtly tarnishing your image, and that could potentially lead to fewer sales and less clients.

The way I see it is if you don’t take your business seriously enough to invest in hosting your own videos, how seriously do you think your customers will take you or what you’re selling? They may feel you don’t deliver quality products. (I feel the same about not using a business email and giving clients and customers your gmail or yahoo email – but that’s for another post!)

Since there are many affordable and easy options for converting and hosting your own videos on your site, using YouTube to host your videos isn’t a good investment in your business.

We host our videos on Amazon S3, which is dirt cheap. (Last month the bill was $3.) We also use eZs3 to place the skin on our site. It’s only $20 a month and we find it easy to use.

You lose control. When YouTube temporarily shuts down for routine maintenance or to resolve server crashes, the video won’t show on your site either. You want to find a more secure and reliable solution than that.

Also, YouTube could pull your video if it feels you are not following its rules. Putting straight commercial videos on there is supposedly a no-no, so if YouTube decides your video is flagrantly abusing it’s policy, it goes!

You also don’t get your choice of players with sleek skins or all the fancy interactivity you can do now with web video.

Viewers can also double click on the video and leave your site.

You empower your competition. When a YouTube video ends, it presents a series of thumbnails linking to videos on similar topics or keywords you used. These videos may be from competing companies or may be promoting products similar to yours. Then the person can click on that video and watch it – all from your site. You’ve just sent them to your competition!

Again posting to YouTube and other sites is a great marketing tool – we’ve had great success with it – just don’t rely on them to be your primary host. I advise hosting the video that shows on your site on your own server, then let your YouTube videos lead viewers to your site.

*or other free sites like Vimeo, Vidder, etc., that let you take them off the site and embed into other places


3 Responses to “Using YouTube To Host Your Videos? 3 Reasons Why That Is A Bad Idea”
  1. Enjoyed the article on using YouTube exclusively to host business video. You are well-focused here.

    I see using snippets of promotional video on YouTube, watermarked or bugged of course, to drive traffic to the main site and the extended version of whatever production or marketing video you’re trying to promote.

    I am in the process of not only hosting my own samples on my site, but establishing a MAJOR new website with focus on a specific video-related service I intend to take worldwide. It will also lead to website hosting of the videos with teasers posted on YT.

    I am also in the process of transferring my sample clips for my primary website from the “free service formerly known as Ning” to my own site because I can do them better with the money I already spend to have a web presence without being forced to spend major bucks a month for a site that will no longer provide for free.

    Like you say, other sites – Vimeo, et al, offer some degree of alternative solutions as well.

    • Rick Smith says:

      Hi Earl,

      Thanks for the comment! Still amazed at how many professional websites I see with YouTube videos on them. YouTube has improved the quality but you still have some major other issues. Since we like to use those sites in a commercial capacity, we’re also always worried about them pulling the plug on our videos.

      Bummer about Ning charging…just when I was seeing it’s potential. We may still use the service for a few of our sites if we see a potential.

      Good luck on your new venture, by the way. Would love to hear about it.

      We plan on having a community here where members can share what they are doing with video…stay tuned!



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